Top 3 Ways To Get Sexperience When You Have Very Little

Top 3 Places To Get Sexperience

I don’t like a lot of made up words, but when I saw ‘sexperience’, I knew it was a word I would be using more often on this blog.

To me the word means having experience with sex and all things sexual. As in, “I have lots of sexperience!”

The word could also mean having an encounter with sex, as in, “That was a great sexperience!”

Someone tried to pass off the definition of sexperience as ‘one who enjoys the experience of having sex‘ which doesn’t really make any sense.

And if you search #sexperience on twitter, you get a lot of weird images and results that don’t make much sense either.

How To Get Sexperience When You Have None?

It’s like that question – “How can I get a job when I don’t have experience, and how can I get experience when I can’t get a job?”

Except when it comes to sex, you can get it without experience.

But in order to be good in bed, you got to have some sexperience – at least some intellectual sexperience where you have learned what may work, what you should try, and what women like in bed.

While having an actual sexperience is the best way to perfect your skills in bed, there are other things you can do to make yourself more comfortable when you do have a sexperience. Following are a few of them.

1. Watch Porn

Porn gets a bad rap when it comes to real sex, and it kind of should because:

  • Women are not that loud and animated in bed
  • (Most) men are not that big
  • A real sexperience hardly ever goes that smoothly

But, that doesn’t mean that porn can’t teach you a few things.

For instance:

  1. Porn teaches you new positions that you can try and shows you in detail how to do them
  2. It teaches you that all kinds of toys and props can be brought into the act of sex to enhance it
  3. It also teaches you that you can let loose during sex
  4. Porn also teaches you that sometimes mistakes happen and they are not devastating to the overall experience

I’m sure there are some other things you can learn from porn that I’m not listing here – but, in short – porn is a great way to get some intellectual sexperience.

2. Read Erotic Romance Novels

There is a reason that erotic romance novels are so popular with women. The non-sexual relationship, foreplay, and sex in the book get women hot.

Erotic romance novels can teach you what turns women on in all aspects of sexual encounters. And, while your sexperiences may not be like they are in the book, at least you will have some insight into what you can try.

So read the book, learn what makes women get hot, and use that knowledge when you do get to have sex.

Don’t know where to start? Check out Goodreads for a popular list of erotic fiction books.

3. Read Instruction Books

When you want to learn how to put in a new sink, you likely read an instruction book on how to do that. Well, when you want more intellectual sexperience, you can also read an instruction book on that.

The beauty of the Internet is that many books that have been written on sex and how to pleasure women are instantly downloadable for you to read. You don’t need to go to a checkout and face the cashier.

If you find a credible book that’s going to give you some good insight into sex and what women want – like The Virtuoso Lover – then read it, learn from it, and develop some intellectual sexperience to put to use in your next physical sexual encounter.

Physical Sexperience? Is It Worth It?

Want more sexperience on an actual sexual level rather than an intellectual level? You pretty much have two options…

1. Hire A Prostitute – In most places, prostitution is not legal. You can find out if you are included in that here. If you happen to live somewhere that it is illegal, you may want to avoid it altogether. And, if you are at all worried about STDs, then it will likely be something that you will avoid even if you are not concerned about the legal consequences.

2. Friends with benefits – I am all for the friends with benefits relationship as long as you both know exactly what you are getting into so that nobody gets hurt. In fact, I think there are a lot of benefits to friends with benefits, one of them is that you can perfect your sexual skills. If you don’t have an actual friend who wants to hook up, you can look in places like adult friendfinder where you can actually find women who just want to have sex, and not much else. Some women may even want a guy with very little sexperience – so be clear on that.

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