Want To Get Hot Women For A Night? Don’t Listen To ‘The Man’

I don’t care what kind of women you like. If you like women with big boobs and blonde hair, then that is your preference. Hot women, quirky women, older women, shy women, and smart women can be all very different in how they live and relate to the world – but there are certain women from each group who are not looking for a relationship right now and just want to have fun with men. If you want to get hot women that are looking for fun, the right advice can help you get them.

‘The Man’s’ Advice To Get Hot Women

I was scrolling around Yahoo Answers, and I found a question from a man who wants to get hot women to sleep with him. Not date hot women, but specifically hook up with a blonde woman who has had breast implants and lip injections. He wanted the full out porn star look, and he wasn’t shy to admit it.

Like I said, I think that as long as you are open and honest about what you want, and don’t hurt other people, then there is no harm in wanting to get hot women to sleep with you.

But, there was one answer from ‘the man’ about how to get hot women that was so off point it was ridiculous. I can almost guarantee that this guy is not getting laid, is single, or is in an unhappy relationship – whether it is with a hot woman or not. 

So, here’s his carefully crafted answer. I’ll break it down with my opinion below.


Let’s break down ‘the man’s’ advice on how to get hot women to sleep with you.

The first line shows me is lacking confidence. I’m just saying, a man who has confidence would never say – ‘you wouldn’t believe me’.

The first paragraph, which tells you to make fun of her and never compliment her, is very bad advice on how to get hot women to sleep with you. You are cutting your chances of getting a woman into your bed drastically if you make her feel bad about herself. And, if you don’t call her between Thursday and Sunday, she will likely believe you are not interested and move on to another guy. In other words, you could risk losing the woman you are attracted to just because you had to pretend to be busy.

His advice to not spend more than $40 on a date is strictly personal, not effective. He’s probably thinking that you don’t want to spend too much money because it is not worth it, but the truth is that ‘the man’ is cheap. I know it, and every woman he’s been on a date with knows it.

His point on letting her talk about herself would be good, but of course he had to generalize all hot women and say that they are narcissistic. That’s like saying all bald men are desperate or all men with a nice car have a small penis. It is ridiculous to generalize anyone, and it shows his ignorance about women.

The habanero sauce shows how paranoid ‘the man’ is. Sounds like he’s making another generalization about hot women and how they all just want to – I don’t know, have your baby and trap you! It sounds like this guy watched too much Maury in his life.

I’m not sure what ‘the man’ has against dating, but he sure doesn’t want you to have a girlfriend! If you want a girlfriend, make her your girlfriend. The central theme of life is love, and when you find a hot woman or otherwise who makes you feel like a champion in this world, then you are allowed to enjoy your time with her.

Also, I’m not sure what he’s talking about with guys having to get a girlfriend before getting laid. We all know that friends with benefits is a real thing, and any guy can go to an adult site or wherever and find a woman who doesn’t want the whole dating thing.

The whole ramble after the ‘edit’ part is just ridiculous. He is generalizing men and saying that they don’t want girlfriends and that women are the only gender who want to have a relationship. At least that is what I got from it. I can tell you that I receive a lot of emails from my  ‘don’t kill yourself article’, and there are many men out there who want to find something serious.

Lastly, ‘the man’ advises never to listen to a female on how to get laid. Funny, because I know a lot of females that would have slept with a guy had he only done something a little different…and they knew exactly what that ‘something’ was.

This Homeless Guy Has Better Advice On How To Get Hot Women For A Night Than ‘The Man’ Does

Notice that in order to get hot women he compliments them, and it seems to work rather quickly for him as opposed to ‘the man’s’ advice which was never, EVER compliment a woman.

Don’t get me wrong – DON’T BE LIKE THIS GUY! But, my point is that ‘the man’ has it all wrong about how to get hot women that want to get laid. Don’t listen to his advice.

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