Faith’s Masturbation Story: How One Woman Masturbates

Woman lying in bed on floor possibly after masturbation

Female masturbation is not talked about much, so there are a lot of questions about it out there! Are you curious if how a woman masturbates in front of you is how she masturbates when you are not around? Are you curious if she even masturbates at all? Unfortunately, I can’t answer questions about female masturbation because every woman is different when it comes to solo pleasure, and I cannot tell you how each and every one of them approaches masturbation. But, I can share individual stories!

I asked some women to send me some masturbation stories and got a few great ones that I will be sharing over the next few months. It’s amazing how different women are when it comes to pleasuring themselves, and I think guys will be amazed at what some women think about during their solo session. So without further ado…

Faith’s Masturbation Routine

I don’t even let my girlfriends into my world of masturbation, but since this is anonymous, I’m willing to share how I masturbate and give some insight into my style.

I can honestly say that I do the same thing every time. What works for me works, so there is no need to change it.

I usually get an urge to masturbate when I think about something sexy. What’s sexy to me? I have a very dominant personality in real life, but in the bedroom, I’ve very submissive and so my fantasies follow suit. That’s why when I hear about something that makes me think of a man controlling me or being dominant towards me, I head straight to the bedroom when I get the chance and grab my vibrator.

The only way I can masturbate is with a vibrator on my clit. I don’t put it in – ever. I just lay it against my clit and position it in a spot that feels really good. Because of that, I like the standard straight vibrator that has different speeds.

When I went to buy my last one (after overusing the other one), I was told that they weren’t going to sell the one I prefer anymore, so I stocked up. But, I see that the vibrator I like is actually on Amazon here. I think I got tricked by a sex toy employee!

I’ve been to sex toy parties, and I can’t even imagine using some of those other vibrators. There is just too much going on!

Ok, so how do I do it? I go to my bed, pull out my vibrator, pull down my pants, throw a towel or shirt or pillow over my eyes (it helps me concentrate on my fantasy), bend my knees, put a pillow under my left knee to stabilize it, and lay the vibrator against my clit (and sometimes my vagina too) and crank it up to full speed. Then, I find the sweet spot – and there is always a sweet spot with this vibrator!

I’ve found that during oral sex, that sweet spot seems to be hard for guys to find. And, even if I masturbate with my hands, I can’t find that spot. I think it’s the vibration and the width of the vibrator that really helps me pin it down and stay on it.

With that said, if I move the vibrator too far to the left or right, I have to find the sweet spot again to get back on track. That’s why I don’t move – at all – when I masturbate. I stay in one position until I’m done.

What do I think about? Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this! Anonymous right? Ok fine.

I think about being used as human furniture or solely for a man’s pleasure. Almost always. I told you! I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom!

Although, I’ve never actually done the things I fantasize about while masturbating, and I don’t know if I would want to in real life… maybe, to some extent. But, in my masturbation fantasies, I can get as crazy as I want to because it always makes me feel good as I visualize it.

Sometimes I get into a long story where women have become men’s possessions, and I’m being used to pleasure my master in many different ways, including holding his balls in my mouth as he watches TV or being his coffee table.

I should say that sometimes I fantasize about dominating a man. Using him for my pleasure. Maybe as a chair. Maybe as a sex toy. Just depends on my mood. But, for the most part, I’m the submissive one in the fantasy.

I never fantasize about making love or kissing or anything that I could easily do in my day-to-day life. That just doesn’t turn me on enough as I visualize it.

Also, I could orgasm without fantasizing at all! The vibrator knows exactly what to do. Sometimes when I get caught up thinking about my to-do list or whatever, I still have an orgasm when I’m masturbating with my vibrator. But that’s no fun. I like the thrill of going through my fantasy and ‘experiencing’ it in some way before I orgasm and it’s all over.

I have masturbated with my boyfriends. Usually, when we are in a hurry and I just want to get in a good orgasm quickly. I’ve never had a boyfriend who doesn’t like the vibrator, but I know some of my friends have!

To be honest, if I had a boyfriend who was petty enough to be jealous of my vibrator, he would be gone. It’s just a tool that I use to please myself because my hands just don’t do the trick!

If I’m masturbating with my boyfriend, I get him to help me out. He can either suck or lick my nipple, caress my inner thighs, or put his hand around my throat or over my mouth to help the fantasy along. Unfortunately, I can’t move around while masturbating if I want an orgasm, so he has to expect that I’m just going to lay there during masturbation time!

When I’m done, I’m done. As soon as I’m done, I feel energized and ready to go. I don’t lay around thinking about the fantasy or anything. I get up and get on with my day.

That’s my masturbation story! I feel kind of naughty for sharing it. I think I’ll go masturbate!

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