If You Don’t Feel Sexual Chemistry On The First Date Should You Go On A Second Date?

Do You Have A Sexual Chemistry With A Woman?

Did your first date with a woman suck in terms of sexual chemistry? If you answered yes, then you are thinking one of two things:

  1. I never want to go out with her again! (If this is the case, don’t go out with her again.)
  2. Should I go out with her again?

There are a lot of reasons that you should be considering going out with her again. For instance:

  • Initially there was a lot of sexual attraction so it doesn’t make sense that it wasn’t there on the first date
  • She seems like a really nice woman and you want there to be an attraction
  • You are wondering if the date was just an off day between the two of you

Note: If you feel like going out with her again solely because you are lonely and desperately want to have that sexual chemistry with a woman, than your attitude may be the reason there is no chemistry. (See below.)

Should You Go Out Again?

Unless you felt repelled by her, you should absolutely give her a second chance.

If you didn’t kiss her, then there is a chance that there is a lot of chemistry there that you have not found yet.

This should go without saying, but if you kissed her and felt like you were kissing your sister, then don’t go out again! That’s not a good sign.

Biggest Reason Why There Would Be A Lack Of Sexual Chemistry

If you have a bad day, week, or month, or if she has a bad day, week, or month, then that chemistry can be affected negatively.

Chemistry has to do with the spark or energy between the two of you, and if either of your energy is vibrating at a low, dull, or angry level, then you can’t expect a sexual connection to be there. Nobody feels turned on in or around that state of energy.

When it comes to energy and its role in connection, think of your best friend. If you are both feeling good, then the connection between the two of you is probably high and you are happy to be best friends. But, if you are both feeling shitty, then that connection is probably low and you can easily annoy each other.

YOU May Have Caused The Lack Of Sexual Chemistry

If you came off creepy, unsure of yourself, or just plain annoying on your date, then her attraction towards you may have not been there, which would result in lack of sexual chemistry.

If the sexual chemistry was there when you first met her, it is probably because you were sending off a confident, interesting vibe and that caught her interest and made her excited about getting to know you.


How can you ensure that you always promote sexual chemistry with women? Basically, you need to always give off a confident, masculine, and attentive vibe. The following video sheds some insight into that.

What If Sexual Chemistry Isn’t There On The Second Date?

It is important to remember that sexual chemistry can grow. For whatever reason, two people may not have a sexual connection right away but develop one later.

Some people think that sexual chemistry that has to grow over time is not as strong or passionate as it is when you naturally feel chemistry on the first or second date.

But, I feel that chemistry is chemistry – whether it takes a few dates or a few months. I feel that because I’ve lived it!

My husband and I didn’t have a lot of chemistry in the beginning. In fact, I didn’t like him at all!

We met at work, and we had a mutual friend, which is why we often hung out together. He dated other people and I dated other people.

It wasn’t until about a year after hanging out, when we were both single again, that I sat on his lap at a party we were at, and we instantly felt that sexual chemistry. After that moment, the connection was always there, and it hasn’t left.

I think we were in a point in our life where we were not meant to be together romantically until we worked out all the kinks of unhealthy relationships.

We are still together, while all of our friends who had instant chemistry at that time are divorced.

So, if you still don’t feel sexual chemistry on the second date, but you like her and think she is a great person, stay friends. You never know, there may be a reason you are not meant to be together yet, and down the line you may have the ultimate sexual chemistry that keeps you strong and happy for the rest of your lives.

Another Thought – Your Date Was Boring!

It’s also important to remember that you may need to see her under different circumstances first in order to tell if there is sexual chemistry or not.

For instance, if you went on a few dates to restaurants, then her boring side may be all you saw.

If you take her to a place that she loves, her charming, fun, and attractive side may come out. That’s why you should take her out to different places to see if her energy perks up at one place as opposed to another.

Want high some high energy date ideas? Try a concert, a carnival, or a dance. Often the more intense the situation is, the more intense the chemistry will be. If you don’t feel it at a high energy place, then consider it not there.

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