Do Most Girls Fake Orgasm During Penetration?

A lot of people go to the Hodgetwins for advice. And they have some great advice to give, despite the time it takes them to actually get to it. But, I don’t know why guys would ask other guys questions specific to females, such as whether or not a girl is faking an orgasm.

Do Women Fake Orgasms During Penetration?

Guys don’t know whether or not women fake orgasms. Women wouldn’t even be able to tell if a woman was faking an orgasm.

The bottom line is that it’s so easy to fake orgasm for a woman that no guy is going to completely be sure if their girl is faking it or not, even if they really know her body and how she truly reacts during orgasm.

The question a guy asked the Hodgetwins was ‘Do most girls fake orgasm when you penetrate because I know there is no damn way that penetration does not feel that damn good. (I’m assuming he meant there is no damn way that penetration feels that damn good). Do you have to do more for them to orgasm? How can you tell when they orgasm?”

Following is the Hodgetwins answers.

I like how the Hodgetwins say that a woman makes noise as you enter her. This is true. It can be a tight squeeze, so as you enter, it can really hit every part of her vagina and cause her to moan as you do so. In fact, it’s one of the reasons that women moan in bed. But, as the guys said, it doesn’t mean she’s had an orgasm.

I also like how the Hodgetwins make it clear that every woman has an orgasm differently. And that you will sense it when they get all tight – “It’s so powerful it will push your dick out!”

That’s a great way for a guy to describe a woman’s orgasm.

To get a little more technical, tension builds up in all areas of her lower region and then, during orgasm, all that tension is released in orgasmic waves. You can read more about the real anatomy of a woman’s orgasm here.

She may moan during penetration or sex, but that doesn’t automatically equal orgasm. Every woman requires something different to get to orgasm, and if you can figure out what that is, instead of just thinking you’ve got it covered by sticking it in her, then you will be a much better lover in the end.

How Can You Tell When They Have An Orgasm?

The Hodgetwins say that most women will tell you when they are about to have an orgasm. But, as a woman, I don’t tell my husband I’m about to orgasm. Maybe by the noises I make, but I don’t verbally tell him I’m about to orgasm.

And telling you they are about to orgasm wouldn’t always equal a real orgasm. They may just want to get the sex over with and decide to tell you that it’s coming and then fake orgasm so that they can get it over with but still leave you thinking that you got them to completion.

A woman’s orgasm can be faked. It’s not hard to tighten up down there, make a tensed up face, and mimic the waves of pleasure that come and go during a real orgasm. So it can be hard to tell whether or not her orgasm is real.

That is true whether you have slept with her once or a million times. She knows how her body reacts to orgasm so she is able to mimic it and can probably fool you if she wants to.

So when it comes to being able to tell if she had an orgasm, all you can do is hope that you are with a good woman who will be honest about whether or not she had an orgasm.

Do You Have To Do More For Them To Orgasm?

Penetration is not likely to cause an orgasm unless she is already on the verge of orgasm. It may feel good while it’s going in, but it’s not just about sticking it in. It’s about what happened before you stuck it in, how turned on she has gotten, and how you use it while it’s in there – among other things.

So please don’t go out there thinking that penetration is all you need to get a woman to orgasm. And, if a woman always orgasms as you stick it in her, then I might be a little bit suspicious as to whether not she is faking.

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