Carly’s Masturbation Story: You’ll Never View The Park The Same

Carly's Masturbation Story

This is the second article in the masturbation series. I got so many great stories from females about how they masturbate that I’m amazed they are all so slightly different. The first story was about Faith and how she uses her vibrator, but in this woman’s case, no vibrator is needed!

So, how does Carly masturbate? She heads to the park near her home with her red high heels.

Carly’s Masturbation Story

A little backstory: I was about 12 years old when I first discovered that tingly feeling down there. I was at the park with some friends and I was sitting on top of the monkey bars. I was talking to my friend and I leaned forward, and all of a sudden I felt this tingly sensation down there that I had never felt before. The more I moved around, the better it felt. Of course, I was too young to know what was happening. I just figured it was a nice sensation, like when you get tickled.

Fast forward 8 years and I had never had an orgasm. I had tried with my fingers. I had boyfriends try. I had considered buying a vibrator, but the thought actually scared me. I had been to some sex toy parties and those things looked more like torture devices than orgasm makers. Maybe I had an irrational fear of vibrators because all my friends swore by them, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put that thing in my room let alone use it.

So, one night, I was drinking with some friends and we went to the playground. I climbed up on top of the monkey bars and BOOM, I had that tingly feeling that I used to have as a kid. This time, I had leaned forward to try and take my red heels off. (I have no idea why I didn’t take them off before… I was drunk! But I’m glad I didn’t because it reminded me of that old feeling.) And this time, I knew the feeling was something more than just a ‘good feeling’.

While my friends laughed and talked down below, I wiggled myself around enjoying and intensifying the feeling I was having. My vagina was starting to feel tight and I thought something was going to happen, and then one of my friends pulled on my legs and I fell off.

The first orgasm: The next night, after another night of drinking with my red heels on, I went back to the park, alone, and I got up there and had the exact same feeling. I leaned forward a bit as if I was going to take off my heels, rocked back and forth, and soon my vagina started to tighten up again and then THE BEST RELEASE OF MY LIFE HAPPENED – I was met with wave after wave of pleasure! I got off and laid in the sand and enjoyed the fact that I had finally had an orgasm.

Now, it’s how I masturbate. I put on my red heels because it separates the kid in me who shouldn’t be masturbating at a park from the woman in me – who probably shouldn’t be masturbating at a park but who has the right to masturbate freely as an adult – and I go to the monkey bars.

I know it’s so bad to orgasm where kids play, but it is the way I masturbate! I find that the tighter the jeans I’m wearing, the better. So NO I don’t take my pants off while doing it. It’s all done fully clothed.

What do I think about? Nothing really. I just enjoy the feeling and, to be honest, I don’t have much time to think about anything. I orgasm within a minute or two of climbing up there. In fact, I now get pretty excited about the feeling I’m going to have and start to get tight and almost reach orgasm before I even get a chance to position myself on the monkey bar.

What do I tell my boyfriends? Nothing. I’m still hoping that one day a guy will be able to give me an orgasm on his own, but that hasn’t happened yet. I’m a little embarrassed to tell guys that I can only orgasm on the monkey bars, and I don’t want to make them feel bad about not being able to bring me to orgasm like a simple bar can do. Maybe one day I’ll have a serious enough relationship where I feel comfortable telling him about how I orgasm, but until then, if you see a woman sitting on top of the monkey bars with red heels on, it might be me doing what I do best!