10 Interesting Facts On How To Use Your Body Language To Attract Women

Body language in a manIf there was one tip I had to choose as the most important when it comes to attracting women, using correct body language would be it.

I took five years of American Sign Language and during that time I realized that my body language was the MOST important part of my communication. I was saying an awful lot with it! And, when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, there is a lot to think about.

Your Body Language Matters

Following are ten tips to use your body language to your advantage. No, they are more than tips – they are facts. If you want to win over a woman, use the following body language techniques to your advantage.

And, make sure you watch the video at the end of this post. A guy demonstrates masculine body language, and you need to watch it if you want to appear more masculine and confident around women.

1. If You Want To Show Interest, Then Turn Towards Her

Even if you are five miles away from her, turn your body towards her. Of course, if you are talking to her you should face her as well. If you turn your body away from her, you can send a message of non-interest or disengagement to her.

Facing away from her but showing interest with your words will send her mixed signals. She will wonder if you are interested in her, and that confusion can turn her off from you. She may even get defensive with you because she feels as though you are rejecting her in a way, and she will want to make sure you know that she is not that into you anywase.

2. Eye Contact Counts

Make eye contact to attract women with body language

Even if you are shy, make sure you that you make eye contact. You don’t even have to talk to a woman to send a message that you are interested if you know how to use your eye contact properly.

When you make eye contact, you can literally send a message that says, “I notice you and I’m interested,” and chances are she will be interested because she knows that you are interested.

3. A Strong But Relaxed Posture Screams Sexy

A man is supposed to be a provider and protect his woman, and women are naturally attracted to men who send off this message. A masculine attitude is important when you want to attract women. If you are slumped over, uptight, or too relaxed, then you are sending a message of defeated, anxious, or giving up – and none of those postures will attract women.

4. Touching Your Lips Will Send A Sexual Message To Her

Your lips are the first sexual connection you will have with a woman, and you both have that thought in the back of your mind. When you ‘mindlessly’ touch your lips, she sees the touch and her mind is instantly drawn to your lips.

In short, if you want her to think about kissing you, then touch your lips. Just don’t go overboard. A quick second or two is all you need to get her mind thinking about your lips. If you hang around too long, it could get creepy!

5. Your Forehead, Eyes, And Mouth Have To Match Up

Fake Smile

A fake smile will send a woman mixed messages about you

If you ever look at a picture and think someone is pretending to smile, then cover up their smile and take a look at their eyes. You will see that their eyes do not reflect happiness at all, and that mixed message will make you wonder whether or not the person is really projecting warmth and happiness or is just pretending to do so.

Now, keep that in mind when you look at a woman. If your face is sending her different messages, then she may wonder about your sincerity.

6. She Will Notice As You Fix Yourself

A woman will notice if you are fixing your hair or clothes around her, and she will naturally know that you are interested in her because you are grooming yourself. This is a good thing. It shows her that you care about your appearance and it takes the guesswork out for her (is he interested?) and allows her to size you up and determine whether she is interested too. Therefore, let her see you fixing your hair or straightening your shirt for her.

7. Eyebrows Matter Too

When you are naturally paying attention to someone, and you are interested, your eyebrows will raise. This is the message you want to send to attract women. If you raise them too high, you will look rude, and if you lower them, you will annoyed, and if you do nothing with them, you will look bored…it is a lot to think about, but it matters!

8. Checking Out Her Body Is Okay

You are a man, and she expects you to check out her body if you are interested. So, let her catch you taking a peek, but ONLY a peek. If you look too hard, too long, she will put you in the pervert category or in the ‘he only wants sex’ category, and neither of those categories will win her over.

9. Don’t Back Away When She Moves Forward

If a woman moves towards you, make sure you either hold your ground, or move towards her too. If you back away, you send the message that you are scared or not interested, and she will instantly protect herself from getting hurt and take her interest off you. If, on the other hand, you stand your ground or move slightly towards her too, you will show her confidence and interest, and that is sexy!

10. Your Shoulders Say A Lot

How often do you think about your shoulders? Probably not very often! But when you are using your body language to attract women you should be paying attention to them.

If you have slumped forward shoulders, you look bored, uninterested, nervous, or scared. None of those things will attract a woman. However, if you pull your shoulders back, you instantly look confident, and if you raise your shoulders up for a moment or two, you will instantly show her your sweet and soft side, which any woman will love.

Watch This Video On Body Language

The above 10 tips are a short list of facts when it comes to using your body language to attract women. Every movement and gesture you make sends a specific message, and once you start paying attention to your body language and a woman’s response to it, you will start to notice exactly what you are saying.

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