Is It Her Birthday? Give Her Something More Than Your Congrats!


What To Get Her For Her Birthday

When you just start dating a woman, you want her to know that you care. I know that we’ve talked about how important it is to show a woman that you care through your actions, but the truth is that on a special occasion like her birthday, a physical gesture is something that everyone woman loves, whether she admits it or not.

Why Waking Up With Nothing On Her Birthday Sucks

Think that taking her out to supper later will be enough? Maybe. But if you want to make her feel really special, then give her something early on that shows you are thinking about her.

Listen, her birthday is a special day to her. It is supposed to be about her. She wants to know that other people feel she is special too. She wants to know that YOU feel she is special. The best way to do that is to give her something that reminds her of how special she is.

Even a card with some nice words inside of it will show her that you went through some effort to show her that you care.

I have a friend whose husband has never gotten her a card or a gift for any birthday. She has never woken up to a surprise on her birthday. They don’t always have a lot of extra money, but she will go ahead and buy him a card (or make him a card) and get him a little gift just to show him that she is thinking about him and cares. She has even written him a personal letter to let him know she cares. But he has never returned the favor. She has phoned me crying on her birthday because even though he said ‘Happy Birthday’ to her, there was no gesture to follow it up.

The bottom line is that she wakes up to nothing on her birthday and it becomes just another day – which it really shouldn’t be.

The Best Things To Get Her For Her Birthday?

If you have just started dating, then it is still important to get her something. It doesn’t matter if you have gone on a few dates or twenty. Getting her something shows her that even though you are not totally committed yet, you still care enough about her to give her some recognition on her birthday.

A card is a great idea. It is not too personal, and you can write a message inside that will mean something to her. For instance, you can write, “I’m very glad that I met you and get to celebrate your special day with you this year!” Or, you can make it more personal and write, “I can’t wait to see how this year goes for you.”

A gift certificate is another great idea. If you know that she loves Starbucks, then get her a Starbucks gift card for $25. It doesn’t just give her the gift of tasty coffee, but it gives her the gift of knowing that you have been paying attention to her likes and interests.

Better yet, get her a gift certificate and put it in her card!

Lastly, if you have been on a few dates with her, and you know a little something about her, then get her something that you know she likes. For instance, if she likes the new Vera Wang Princess perfume then get her that for her birthday. As long as you know that she likes it, you can’t really go wrong.

What NOT To Get Her For Her Birthday

What is worse than getting her nothing for her birthday? Getting her a gift that offends her or makes her feel awkward.

Therefore, do NOT get her:

  • A gag gift
  • Something you think she might like
  • Something you like so you think she will like it
  • Clothes (unless you really know her size and taste)
  • Anything to do with weight loss or health
  • An age specific gift (for example, a gift that has the number 30, 40, or 50 on it.)
  • An animal
  • A diamond ring or anything else too extravagant
  • Money

 The Bottom Line

Should you get a gift? Yes! Even if you have only been dating for a very short time, get her something to show her that you care.

What should you get her? A card with a nice message inside, a gift certificate to a store you KNOW she likes, or a gift that you KNOW she will like.

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