The Best Videos On How To Get A Girl’s Number

Get A Girl's Number

It can be hard to get a girl’s number! Going up to her and talking to her takes nerves, but it can be relatively easy in comparison to asking a girl for her number.

I have one suggestion that I don’t think has been used to get a girl’s number. Go up to a girl, talk for a bit, then take a selfie of the two of you. Ask her if she wants a copy of the picture (or if she wants the picture and you will just take it off your phone), and then she will have to give you her number. Think that would work? I thought of it this morning in the shower. Try it out and tell me if you get slapped or rejected – or if you succeed.

But, besides my tip – following are a few of the best videos that I found on YouTube to help you get a girl’s number. Try one or all of the tactics and use the one that seems to work best for you.

1. The Shock Them, Flatter Them, And Get The Number Before They Think To Say No Technique

This one is all about shock! They don’t have time to think it over and really say no.

You can harness the element of surprise, keep talking to them to distract the devil on their shoulder that says, “Don’t give him your number!” and then rush them as they try to type in the number.

While this may work for many girls, some girls will be absolutely annoyed, so expect a few girls to get upset and say rude things. It is all a part of the game!

2. Trade Their Number For Something They Can’t Resist

I think the following ‘get a girl’s number technique’ will work with a puppy, kitty, little bird, anything that appeals to their, “Oh my god it is SO CUTE!” Just don’t use a kid because that is crossing some kind of line.

3. Be Really Mysterious To Get A Girl’s Number

The following technique may be the case of the less you say the better.

If a girl likes your looks, then you won’t screw it up by talking!

And to be honest, a girl may not want to say no to a guy who doesn’t talk. The silence may trigger a compassion thing in her and cause her to give up her number because she feels bad for you.

If you have a hard time talking to girls, this technique may work – but don’t pretend to be totally mute or else they will be annoyed when you call and say, “Hey, what’s up!”

Again, though, a lot of girls might think you are a creep and turn you down in a rude way just so you leave them alone.

So, what do you think? Do you think the above techniques could work for you? I do! Just remember, you are not always going to get a ‘yes’ so don’t expect it, and don’t get upset when a girl says, “Get away from me!”

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