Best Places to Meet Women Besides Bars and Clubs

The best places to meet women involve places that are low key and free of distractions. Most men get stuck trying to meet women in bars and clubs.

Traditionally, most men think that bars and clubs are the among the best places to meet women. Perhaps this idea was substantiated by the pick up artists like Mystery (the MTV Legend) or perhaps the newer generation of PUA’s (like RSD) that espouse bars and clubs as their mainstay of meeting women.

The Problem With Bars and Clubs and Why It’s Not the Best Place to Meet Women

Granted, bars and clubs are not the best places to meet women. There are however, a few inherent advantages of bars and clubs – namely repetition. On any given night, you can guarantee that there will be women to talk to at most bars and clubs in popular cities. This will allow you the opportunity to engage different women and communicate with them through trial and error (seeing what routines, conversation openers or topics of interest works better than others).

The problem however, is that these days, single women do not frequent bars and clubs like they used to. Instead, women now often go to bars and clubs as part of a “girls night out” ordeal. This usually involves a group of 2-5 girls huddled together in a cliqy group taking turns cock-blocking each other and chastising the guys that dare approach them to inflate their already inflated egos.

It takes a certain amount of game to get past a woman’s bitch shield that she usually puts up after tirelessly being approached by dozens of guys on a given night. If you can past that, you must deal with the various other men trying to do the same thing serving as your competition. If that wasn’t enough, the loud music often played at most bars and clubs makes it difficult to communicate on a real level to really get to know the girl.

Also, bars and clubs tend to attract the party types of women. These women are typically not good for long term relationships if that’s what you’re looking for. But they are a lot of fun to hangout with!

So What Are The Best Places to Meet Women?

  • Salsa Classes are one of the best places to meet single women– Ideally, you want to find a hobby of interest that maximizes your chances of meeting a woman that shares common interests as you. One of the best places I found to meet women is at salsa classes. Salsa is not only a great Latin dance, but it’s also a partner dance which incorporates movement and physical touch with a woman – all great potential chemistry builders. Typically, salsa studios offer classes which allow you to dance with a variety of different women on any given night. After salsa class, many studios host freestyle “salsa socials” as well which gives you the opportunity to show off your newfound skills on the dance floor with potential single women.
  • Yoga Class– Yoga is an incredibly interesting form of exercise and health building that seems to attract beautiful women looking to improve their health. It can also be one of the best places to meet women because these women share common interests (fitness & health) goals and are less inclined to reject you off the bat since you share something in common.
  • Another Best Place to Meet Single Women Can Be Art or Cooking Class- Creative classes work on the mind, body and spirit in the positive way. Many women are attracted to activities that bring out the creative right-side of the brain. Being in an art class gives you a unique chance to observe various elements of art as well as as it can be a great conversation starter with the potential woman of your dreams!
  • Coffee Shops/Book Stores – Coffee shops as well as book stores can be great places to meet women because it allows you to meet women in an unrushed and relatively quiet environment. Women who frequent coffee shops and book stores are not likely to be the party types, but are usually more career focused and better suited for long term relationships. Approaching a woman in a coffee shop or book store without the help of liquid courage can be daunting – but the results can be fruitful if you manage to get past your approach anxiety with women.
  • Shopping MallsShopping malls can be one of the best places to meet women if you time your approach correctly. Many malls inherently have many different boutiques. The various types of styles, trends and clothing can be good conversation starters. Women absolutely love shopping – and you are guaranteed to meet a beautiful woman in a shopping mall if you can approach her. Again, this method can be nerve-wracking for guys who are not used to approaching women in the daytime because you can’t hide behind loud music or liquid courage typically offered in a bar or club setting.
  • Speed Dating Events- In most larger cities, holds speed dating events for men & women of all different ages. Speed dating can be a great way for introverted guys or those guys with lots of approach anxiety around women to open up and quickly have easy, pressure-free mini-dates with different women during these speed dating events. Typically, at these events – the host will have every pair of men & women talk to each other for about 5 minutes before rotating to the next person. At the end of the event, singles have the opportunity to exchange phone numbers if they are interested in each other. In many cases, I’ve gained instant rapport with women during speed dating events – and it helped immensely starting out with my approach anxiety at the time. Use these events to springboard your conversation skills with a woman at the very least…

The Best Places to Meet Women Are Usually Creative Activity Spots

Personally, I’ve found that the best places to meet women that are single are usually places that involve a creative activity that engages the mind and body. Women are looking for men who have hobbies, interests and goals in life. If you don’t have any hobbies, you need to assume one.

The overall premise is to become a more attractive man – and one of the ways to do this is to become more interesting. The more well-rounded you are about current events, latest fashion trends, interests and and other hobbies you are – the higher your chances are of attracting the woman of your dreams.

While there are many more best places to meet women – I’ve outlined the most common ones above.

If you think of any others, feel free to leave a comment or question below!

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