Why Every Guy Can (And Should) Get Good At Being Romantic

Most women want romance in their relationships, but what does being romantic mean? Does it have to be a candlelit dinner? Do you have to go out of your way to bring on the romance and make a woman feel really special? The answer isn’t simple because it really depends on the woman. When you understand that, and you understand what romance is really all about, you will have the ability to be romantic.

What Does Being Romantic Really Mean?

Being Romantic With A Woman

By definition, being romantic is all about expressing love. But for most people, especially women, romance is about showing how much you love them through unexpected gestures. Perhaps that’s why cooking a woman a romantic meal is considered one of the top romantic things to do.

Almost every woman loves a good romantic novel because it showcases a man who goes out of his way to show his love for a woman. It’s something that women want in a man. They want a man who will make them feel special, loved, and wanted, even when it’s not required of them to do so.

Being Romantic Isn’t About A Specific Gesture

When it comes to what being romantic looks like, it really all boils down to individuality. One woman may find a simple gesture romantic, such as a hug or a thoughtful act, while another woman may need a much bigger gesture, such as helping her accomplish something or going out of your way to do something for her.

Moreover, the longer you are in a relationship, the acts that feel romantic to her may change. It’s not that a woman won’t appreciate the tiny things you do to show your love, it’s just that they will become so common that it will feel more like a routine that a romantic gesture.

That’s why you need to step out of your comfort zone and do uncommon things like write her a love letter or plan a surprise getaway (assuming you don’t do those things often). When you show that you can still go out of your way to make her feel loved, even after some time, that’s when she will feel as if she’s in her own romantic novel.

Coming Across As Romantic To Single Women

Today the hashtag on Twitter was #beromanticin4words. While there are a lot of guys trying to be funny or smart or disgusting, there are some guys who are making a good impression, like the following guy.

The fact is that he is showing everyone he is capable of love and that he understands what being sweet, attentive, and thoughtful is all about. Moreover, it’s obvious that his dog really loves him, and that’s a good sign that he has a good heart. Bottom line: he appears romantic even though we know nothing about him, and that’s one of the big keys to attracting women.

If you show women that you could be capable of being romantic through a gesture, then they will instantly think you of you as a sweet, thoughtful, and romantic type of guy.

3 examples of how to make yourself look romantic to women you don’t know or hardly know.

  1. Be kind to an older woman in front of other women. A simple smile or kind word can show other women that you don’t just think about yourself but take into consideration other people’s feelings too. And because it’s a woman that you are being kind to, they will be able to relate to it more.
  2. Have fun with your pet. Any guy who is capable of being kind and loving towards a pet will appear as a sweetheart who is capable of being romantic.
  3. Leave a compassionate or thoughtful comment on an article or video or on social media in general. Most people see comments as a telling sign of how a person really is, so if you can show your compassion and big heart through a comment, then women will get the idea that you have the potential to be a romantic guy with them.

Being Romantic On A Date

Being Romantic On A Date

Want to make a woman run home and tell all her friends about how romantic you are? Then all you need to do is take her feelings, needs, and wants into consideration before and throughout the date.

While being romantic is about expressing love, it’s also about expressing thoughtfulness. It’s showing a woman that you are thinking about her and taking the time to do something that you think will make her feel good.

Therefore, as a single guy on a date with a woman, you can simply take the time to do little things that make her feel like you are thinking about her happiness or well-being.

Buying her flowers, taking initiative on planning the date around her interests and likes, as well as making her comfortable and treating her well on the date, are all things that will make you seem like a romantic guy.

Every Guy Can (And Should) Get Good At Being Romantic

Lots of women have given up on guys being romantic. You may think that’s a good thing because you don’t have to try, but it’s not. Being unromantic will just leave a woman unsatisfied because it is a basic need that women have. If you want to satisfy a woman, then you need to consider romance a part of something you want to do for her.

Women crave romance. It makes them feel loved. It makes them feel like they picked a great guy who feels like HE picked a great girl. But, romance is about more than just saying I love you.

As long as you understand that being romantic is about showing a woman how sweet and thoughtful you are, as well as showing her how much you care about her or love her, you will be able to find ways to be romantic.

Moreover, understanding that being romantic is not about doing the same thing over and over again, but, instead, surprising a woman with little gestures that show her how much you care, will help you find little romantic things to do on a day to day basis.

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  • Doug

    One of the big reasons my ex-girlfriend broke up with me is that I was not romantic. But I thought I was romantic! I always bought her flowers and told her how beautiful she was. Was that seriously not enough?

    • If she didn’t think that you were romantic, then what you were doing was not romantic in her eyes. There is no law that says buying flowers in considered romantic. Every woman is different and sees romance differently. Maybe she wanted you to show her physical attention more. Maybe she wanted you to help her out more. I don’t know because I wasn’t in your relationship, but, obviously, flowers and compliments weren’t cutting it. Remember, romance is all about showing love to someone in a way that makes them feel loved, not in a way that you think makes them feel loved.

  • Tony

    Never have been and never will be romantic with a woman. Why should I go out of my way to make a woman feel ‘special’? If they don’t like it, too bad. They can find another man.

    • Why should you go out of your way to make YOUR woman feel special? I’m willing to bet you have never been in a relationship where you truly loved a woman for who she is and who truly loved you for who you are. If you had been, this wouldn’t even be a question for you. When you find a great woman who treats you right, you will want to make her feel great because she will make you feel great. You will want her to understand that you love her and care about her and want her to be happy.