10 Quotes On What It Means To Be An Attractive Human Being

What is the universal code for being attractive? Don’t listen to the jerk that says the only thing that makes you attractive is a great face and body. That person doesn’t understand what attraction is really about. That person is stuck in some weird egotistical reality where they judge people on looks alone (including themselves – how sad) and can’t allow themselves to see past the cover. Attraction is much more than just ‘I like your face’. As humans, we are attracted to people who make us feel good, and they don’t need to have a perfect face.

What Is Being Attractive Really All About As A Human?

1. Stand By Your Words

Faithfulness is one of the most attractive qualities a human being can possess. – Ron Kardashian

Being faithful is not just about not cheating on someone. Being faithful is all about standing by your vows and promises to other people and to yourself.

For instance, if you say you are going to take on a challenge for a month, then being faithful to that challenge means you do what needs to be done because you said you would.

Being faithful makes you look reliable and trustworthy, and those are two very attractive qualities. When someone is looking for a partner, they are looking for someone who appears to be loyal and reliable. Nobody wants to get into a relationship with someone who they can’t trust or believe.

2. Be An Active Participant In Life

Pay close attention to how you feel. There’s nothing more attractive than being totally present & excited about life. – Lisa Evers

I’ve met some real Debby Downers in my life – both in male and female form. They are focused on negative things about the past and they are unenthusiastic about what is to come – assuming the worst normally. They are the biggest drag to be around!

I was even set up with a guy who looked good in his picture, but made me want to pop my eyes out with a spoon when I was around him. He wasn’t an active participant in life. He was letting life control how he felt and what he did. He was full of sad stories and conspiracy theories, and he downright hated life. And he wondered why I never called him back?

Wake up and participate in your life. Be present. Pay attention to what’s happening and get excited for what’s to come. I guarantee that will make you instantly more attractive.

3. Be Yourself

Being different is the most attractive thing you can be! – Keion D. Henderson

Don’t try to be like anyone else on your quest to being attractive. It won’t make you more attractive because it’s not the real you. It may trick some people in the beginning, but soon they will see that you are wearing some sort of mask and they will start to lose trust in you, which won’t help you in the attractiveness department.

If someone is single, one of the reasons is because they haven’t found someone they are really attracted to yet. They haven’t found someone with the unique blend of goals, beliefs, and personality. By being yourself, you are ensuring that you are giving off a vibe different from other people and potentially giving off that perfect vibe that someone finds really attractive.

4. Be Good At What You Do

Tell me… is there anything more attractive than someone being really, really, really good at what they do? – Chloe Hamilton

Being Attractive: Be Good At What You Do

Whatever you want to do, be good at it. Don’t do things half-assed. Don’t downplay how good you are at something because you don’t think it will make you attractive to someone. One of the most attractive qualities someone can have is to be good at what they do. I don’t care if you are good at cooking or making birdhouses, being good at something showcases your talent, and talented people are much more attractive than people who never develop or showcase any kind of talent in their life.

5. Show Your Passion

There is nothing more attractive than someone being excited and all gesticular about a passion. – Renato Pagnani

Don’t hide how passionate you are about something. If something excites you, show other people how passionate you are about it. Your passion is not going to turn them off, and if it does, then they are people with different beliefs in life, and you probably don’t want them hanging around you anyways. They will just dim your light.

Sometimes we hide things because we don’t want people to judge us. But, they are going to judge us no matter what we do. Nobody in this world, no matter how great they are, escapes judgement from others.

So be yourself. Be passionate about what you are passionate about. You will be much more attractive than someone who has nothing in life to get excited about.

6. Be Genuine

Why are there so many boys who hide their emotions… That’s not attractive.. Being genuine is. – Teala Dunn

Again, don’t buy into the fact that you have to be a cookie-cutter guy in order to be attractive.

  • Men shouldn’t cry.
  • Men shouldn’t be honest about how they feel.
  • Men should lie when they are upset.

That’s a bunch of crap.

There is nothing more frustrating and unattractive than when a man is unwilling to show his emotions. When he clams up and won’t talk, that’s a major turn-off for a lot of women. Nobody wants the silent treatment. Nobody wants to feel like they are not important enough to share stuff with. When you clam up and hide how you feel, that’s exactly how you make others feel.

7. Be Kind And Considerate – Even Behind A Handle

Things to consider for the internet: Being humble is attractive. Being generous is attractive. Being considerate of others is attractive. – Ian Eastwood

Being kind and considerate is an attractive quality. People feel good around someone who is considerate and kind. People feel good around someone who is generous with their time, affection, or money. So apply this to your offline life.

But, apply it to your online life too, so that you can actually be a kind, considerate, and generous person. If you act one way offline and one way online, you are splitting who you really are into two and you can’t fully be one or the other. If being attractive (and feeling good about yourself and others) is important to you, then choose to be kind, considerate, and generous always.

8. Keep Your Body Strong

Um, anyone else made the connection between people who are athletic also being physically attractive? – Beth Newell

Being Attractive: Being Physically Fit

You can’t change your face, but you can change your body. That’s something you have control over, and it can improve your attractiveness to other people.

People like a healthy body. It’s attractive because it looks strong, full of life, and ready to stand the test of time.

A body that looks like it could give out any minute isn’t a good picture for longevity and vitality, which is what most people – no matter what their age is – find attractive.

9. Remember That Your Personality Matters A Lot

The best thing about being conventionally attractive is how it removes all doubt over whether or not my personality is the problem. – Zach Heltzel

This is a great quote on being attractive. Zach Heltzel is a conventionally attractive guy, but as he says, when someone doesn’t like him, he knows it’s because of his personality, not his looks, and that’s a huge thing to remember as you contemplate whether or not looks matter in being consistently attractive to someone.

There are plenty of conventionally good looking people who are miserable in their relationships. They can attract someone because of their looks, but if their personality is crap, they can’t keep that person and maintain a truly happy and healthy relationship.

That’s why personality matters the most. Without a good one, you will never truly be happy with someone.

10. Don’t Expect Recognition And Praise: Just Be Good

Being humble is so attractive. I love the people that do a lot and don’t speak on it. People that let their actions speak for them. – Alissa Violet

Lastly, just focus on being a good person without requiring recognition and praise in the process. If you focus on getting attention, then you will do things solely based on how you think other people will react and you may avoid doing some things for the same reason.

Moreover, you will come across as selfish and egotistical as you make sure everyone notices what great things you have done. Gloating isn’t attractive.

Trust me, people will notice the great things you do (and the great person you are) even if you don’t go shouting it from the rooftops. They may hear about something you did through the grapevine or they may just sense that you are a confident person who is doing something good in this world. It doesn’t matter how they find out. Life has a way of exposing your secrets, even your really good ones. And they will find you attractive because of it.

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