Attract Women Tips: 3 Tips To Make A Good First Impression

Making a good first impression with a woman

If you can make a woman feel as though she is in love with you, then you will win her over. You need to create that ‘love at first sight’ feeling during your first impression.

That may sound like something you don’t want to do if you are only trying to attract women, but believe me, the science behind it will help you attract women and make them want more, which is likely your goal with women.

The feeling of love at first sight (heart pounding and complete focus on him) makes a woman think ‘I want him,’ and that is the exact thing you want her to think about you! Create the feeling of love at first sight with a great first impression.

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The Power Of The First Impression

You will never get a second chance at your first impression! I know that is cliché, but it is true! The first impression is so important that a woman will remember it for the rest of her time with you. Research shows that the seeds for love are often planted during a first impression, which I’m assuming has a lot to do with that love at first sight feeling.

You have probably experienced the power of the first impression. When you first meet a woman, you tend to really pay attention to everything she says and does, and you take note of little details that help you form an opinion about her.

I can still remember my first impression of my husband (thankfully it was a good one!)

The point is that in order to attract women quickly, you need to make a great first impression and cause them to feel that ‘love at first sight’ feeling.

Following are a few ways you can make the most out of your first impression.

 1. Make The First Move Fast

If you notice a woman, and get her attention, then make the first move fast. The longer you wait to approach her, the less she will react on instinct and the more she will over think the whole thing.

For instance, if you are at a bar, and you make eye contact with a woman, her interest will be aroused. If you approach her quickly, she will still be in that state of  arousal, but if you wait too long, she will start to form an opinion about you that could form a negative opinion.

In short, instead of letting her from her opinion about you purely by imagination, you want to get in there and do and say things that leave the first impression you want to leave.

2. Make Intense Eye Contact

Yes, eye contact shows that you are interested in a woman, but it does something more. It revs up the ‘love at first sight’ engine and creates a powerful attraction!

The reason is simple. People who are in love gaze into each other’s eyes. The more in love they are, the longer they gaze. It creates an intense feeling of love and connection. Even if you don’t know a woman intimately, you can recreate that feeling by mimicking a loving gaze.

This means that you have to look at a woman in the eyes more than average. Whether you are talking to her, or just getting her attention, hold your gaze for at least 70% of the time. This will intensify the eye contact without going overboard, and recreate feelings of love inside her. She won’t know why she feels so connected towards you, but she will.

3. Wear Something Red

Red is a color that gets attention. This is why it is used in sirens, stop lights, stop signs, fire trucks, etc…it is a color that we notice.

While red can evoke feelings of fear or anger, in the right context it can also cause feelings of passion. Think of a woman’s red lipstick or a tight red dress.

Of course, you shouldn’t wear red lipstick to make a good first impression and attract women…it just won’t work.  But you can add some red to your outfit. Wear a red hat, a red tie, or even a red dress shirt. Women will notice your red, and all you have to do is match its color with a little bit of passion in your personality!

In the end, the first impression is very important. Go beyond just making a good first impression, and create feelings of attraction that mimic the love at first sight feeling.

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