Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams By Becoming The Man She Would Want

Woman Of Your DreamsThe woman of your dreams is out there, somewhere. The trick is finding her. When you do, she will not only make you feel good when you are around her, but she will also make you feel good about yourself.

Too Many People Settle

How many times have you heard someone complain about their girlfriend or wife or husband or boyfriend? I’m willing to bet a lot! So many people are in relationships that they are not happy with, and this has a lot to do with settling.

When you settle with a woman because you think she is the best you are going to do or because you become tied to her in some way, you are giving up your opportunity with the woman of your dreams. She may pass you by as you sit and have dinner with your woman, who you can’t stand, but you will never know it because you too occupied being unhappy.

If you feel like you should settle with someone because (fill in the blank), then that is a true sign that you are not with the woman of your dreams. Move on and save both you and that woman a lot of heartache in the future.

You Can’t Expect A Dream Woman Without Being Dream Man

The perfect woman for you will have certain traits, interests, beliefs, habits, etc…but if you are a guy who sits on the couch playing video games and doesn’t know how to treat a woman, then why would she want you?

Trust me, not many women are looking for a man who doesn’t understand women and has very little drive in life; however, many women settle for this man. Unfortunately, even if she settles for you, down the road she will start to wish she hadn’t, and your dream woman will become your nightmare as she struggles through anger, frustration, and even depression.

My point is this: Be your best self to attract the woman of your dreams and be happy in your relationship. Be the best man you can be to a woman, be the best guy in your job, be the man who goes for what he wants and makes the most out of his life.

Your Dream Woman Will Change, So Keep That In Mind

Even if you find your dream woman, and she has all the right traits, beliefs, habits, etc…she will change. Everyone changes in life; no one is stagnant. They either become better or worse, and your dream woman will follow suit.

If you are a good man, and you have a great relationship, and she is an optimistic go-getter, then chances are she will change in a positive way.

If you are a jerk, and your relationships sucks and she can’t see a silver lining, then she will change in a negative way.

Your goal should be to help her change in a positive way while you change in a positive way too.

Seriously, when you find the woman of your dreams you need to treat as such.

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