Attract Hot Women With Substance Not Just Hot Women

I know what men categorize as ‘hot women’. If you have ever seen the list of Leonardo DiCaprio girlfriends, then that is the kind of hot I am talking about.

But in this article, I’m not just talking about hot women, I’m also talking about women who have substance – like self-worth and something of value to offer you.

Of course you may be saying, “I’m no Leonardo DiCaprio!” but listen, just because you don’t look like him doesn’t mean you can’t display some of the characteristics that help him get hot women into his life. Believe me, without some substance, he wouldn’t have any woman on his arms.

Attract Hot Women With Substance

One IMPORTANT Question To Ask Yourself About Attracting Hot Women

There are some dating coaches that you can’t help but respect, and Jason Capital is one of them. I love watching his videos, and I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel so that you can easily follow along with the tips and tricks he talks about.

The following video is something that you need to think about before you continue reading. This question can help you re-frame the way you look at hot women – or approaching them – and give you the courage to go for it. So make sure you watch this short video before you continue on reading how to attract hot women with substance.

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Dating Hot And Sexy Women Can Equal A Happy Relationship

Going after hot and sexy women is NOT a bad thing. If you like physically attractive women, then that is what you like.

It is only when you become judgmental against other women that it becomes a bad thing. (In other words, you may miss out on the perfect women if you are only accepting women with perfect looks.)

In the long run, having a sexy woman by your side (or a woman you consider sexy) may be beneficial to your long-term relationship. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, shows that a husband’s long-term satisfaction was dependent on his wife’s looks. Wives on the other hand, didn’t have that same dependency.

As a side note: This is also just another example of the fact that while women are attracted to men who appeal to them, there is a lot more that keeps their attraction on the man than his looks.

Be Masculine Around Hot Women

Attract Hot Women By Being Masculine Around Them

Taking Initiative Is A Masculine Trait

When it comes to attracting hot and sexy women, this may be your biggest tip.

This is just a fact – sexy women tend to be very feminine and that means they need a masculine energy around them. Life is all about yin and yang or feminine and masculine. This applies to all relationships. If you ever seen a hot feminine lesbian, you will find a more masculine energy on her arm.

If your hot woman is masculine, then you may need to draw out your feminine side a bit. This doesn’t mean you have to be girly, but does mean you have to balance out the equation in order to make it work!

How To Get Hot Women To Notice You

Okay, so you are not in ‘Wolf of Wall Street‘ like Leonardo DiCaprio, but you can get in front of a sexy woman and show her that you have a lot to give her. Sexy women with substance notice all men, not just the rich or physically fit men. They are women, after all, and they have needs they are trying to meet.

Hot women with substance want a man who will make them feel special, loved, taken care of, and desired. Their biggest concern in finding a man, is finding a man with these traits.

Moreover, hot women with substance tend to have a higher level of self-confidence, which means that they are not going to allow jerks to take control of their lives and abuse them mentally or physically.

So, be a man who hot women want! Be a man who:

  • Treats women with respect.
  • Knows how to make a woman feel special and desired.
  • Doesn’t use games to get women but, rather, is honest and open.
  • Displays a high level of self-confidence. Hot women can spot an unsure man from a mile away. (Why would a woman with high self-confidence want a man with low self-confidence?)
  • Takes care of himself and his things.
  • Has compassion towards others and the world around him (You will notice all sexy men like Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, and Leonardo DiCaprio are advocates for a better world!)
  • Has a sense of humor…a good one, not a pretend one. Remember, being witty and being sarcastic are two completely different things. One is positive and attracts hot women and one is very, very annoying.
  • Has drive in life and is working towards goals.

To be honest, this is advice I would give to you to attract any woman with substance – sexy, quirky, geeky, unique, etc.

The bottom line is that if you are interested in a sexy woman who has what you want, then the above traits are necessary not only to attract her, but to keep around for the long-haul as well.

How NOT To Talk To Hot Women

Don’t Play Games With Hot Women!

Incorporating the above tips into your life will help you attract hot women, but playing games will not help you to attract women with substance.

I saw one suggestion that said, “Ignore hot women in order to attract them!” While that game may cause a woman to try to chase/attract you (after all, not many men will ignore a hot woman), it could hurt your relationship with her in the long run.

  1. If you cause her to feel bad about herself or question how much you really like her, she could start to get insecure with herself. When a woman is insecure with herself, she can become needy, angry, jealous, and just really unpleasant to be around.
  2. Most hot women that you attract using games are women who already feel bad about themselves…meaning they are not women with substance that will make you happy now and in the future. They may have low self-esteem, unresolved issues with men, or a number of other unwelcome issues. Unless you are looking for a one night stand, you do not want a hot woman without substance.
  3. If she is a good woman with a lot to offer, she is not going to buy into your game. She will be curious, but she will likely label you as either a jerk or, worse, see right through your game and label you as a player, which will not help you land her in the long run.

Attracting The Hot Woman Of Your Dreams

Remember, the woman of your dreams will be attracted to all the things we always talk about:  self-confidence, a sense of humor, compassion, pride, and drive; however, she will also be attracted to the right type of energy. If you are attracted to a very hot and feminine energy, then make sure you are displaying masculine characteristics that will draw her in to you.

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