How Can You Use Your Astrological Sign To Attract And Charm Women?

What Do Women Lust After In Your Sign?

“What’s your sign?” isn’t a great pick-up line, but astrology can still help you attract and keep the object of your desires. Your own sign speaks to your unique personality, including your strengths and your more negative qualities. Following is a quick guide to what it is about each sign that drives women wild – and what drives them away. Use this knowledge to play up your charms and no one will be able to resist!

Aries 21 Mar – 19 Apr

Women are drawn to: Your ambition and confidence. You have an intensity and a charismatic way about you that just lights up the room.

Possible turn off: Your temper.

Taurus 20 Apr – 20 May

Women are drawn to: You’re very sensual and love to indulge in the finer things. You’re also very reliable, loyal, and trustworthy.

Possible turn off: Stubbornness

Gemini 21 May – 20 Jun

Women are drawn to: You’re witty, easygoing, and always open to try new things. You make friends easily and can fit into any group.

Possible turn off: You can be flaky or unreliable.

Cancer 21 Jun – 22 Jul

Women are drawn to: You’re the most caring and nurturing sign, often putting your loved ones before yourself. You’re also philosophical and have great emotional depth, but you don’t show it right away.

Possible turn off: You can be overly sensitive, or closed off.

Using Your Astrological Sign To Attract And Charm Women

Leo 23 Jul – 22 Aug

Women are drawn to: Your charm, passion, and generosity. Leo is the most royal sign, and everyone is drawn to your flair and flashy personality.

Possible turn off: Attention seeking.

Virgo 23 Aug – 22 Sep

Women are drawn to: Your loyalty and devotion. One of the truly romantic signs, yet still independent and practical.

Possible turn off: You have very high standards and can be overly critical.

Libra 23 Sep – 22 Oct

Women are drawn to: Your elegance, intelligence and good taste. You have a natural sense of balance and harmony, which makes you so easy to get along with.

Possible turn off: You can be overly concerned with keeping up appearances.

Scorpio 23 Oct – 21 Nov

Women are drawn to: Your mysterious aura and pure sex appeal. You have a secretive allure that no one can resist.

Possible turn off: You can attract drama, and act too controlling.

Can You Use Astrology To Pick Up Women?

Sagittarius 22 Nov – 21 Dec

Women are drawn to: You’re optimistic and adventurous. Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky sign that gets along with everyone.

Possible turn off: You suffer from wanderlust and get bored easily.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 19 Jan

Women are drawn to: Your power and authority. You’re responsible and a hard worker, with classy taste.

Possible turn off: You can be too serious all the time.

Aquarius 20 Jan – 18 Feb

Women are drawn to: You’re idealistic and unconventional. You live life to the fullest and aren’t afraid to push boundaries.

Possible turn off: You protect your independence fiercely, which is hard for some to accept.

Pisces 19 Feb – 20 Mar

Women are drawn to: You’re artistic and compassionate. You’re willing to believe in others and take on their problems as your own. You are one of the least selfish signs.

Possible turn off: You can get too caught up in daydreams and ideas instead of reality.

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