Beautiful Women: Are Your Beliefs Hurting Your Chances With Them?

Many men will tell you that a beautiful woman is unapproachable or is asked out so much that your chances of succeeding with her are slim to none. The truth is that most beautiful women say they are not asked much at all, most likely because so many men are avoiding them thanks to the myths.

Beautiful young woman

If asking a beautiful woman out is on your agenda, then it is not necessarily the approach that you have to worry about or how she views you physically; it is your state of mind and how YOU view asking a beautiful woman out.

Doing anything starts with your thoughts and attitude first. Without the right thoughts and frame of mind, you will not succeed at anything you put your mind to.

What Do You Believe About Beautiful Women?

Believe this: beautiful women are no different than any other women out there. They may receive more attention thanks to their physical attributes, but the truth is that beautiful women are people at her core, and they have the same needs and desires as other women.

If you believe that she is some unattainable god, then guess what – she will BE an unattainable woman to you. Belief is powerful and it dictates what you do, how people react to you, and what success you have in life.

Don’t Focus On Her Looks

If you are focused solely on her looks, then that will be intimidating to you. But, if you can focus on her as a woman with needs, interests, personality, goals, habits, etc, then you can approach her and talk to her like a person, not a woman who makes every man’s head turn at the sight of her.

Focusing on a beautiful woman as a whole will make it easier for you to approach her, but it will also give you a better shot at winning her over. Most gorgeous women are approached by men who don’t put much value on their personality and non-physical traits, so they are more likely to find you attractive if you do treat them as a whole person rather than a body with boobs.

Ugly Man And Beautiful Woman Syndrome

I’ve heard all kinds of theories about why ugly men get beautiful women.

  • Money
  • Power
  • Small town and few choices
  • Low self-confidence in the woman
  • Luck

But the truth is that any man (ugly, good looking, or anywhere in between) who has a gorgeous woman on his arm, likely has confidence in himself. There is no getting around it – confidence is sexy in a man.

Many beautiful women will bypass less than desirable physical traits if a man is confident. If you don’t believe that yet, then you need to work on your belief system around this area as well.

Confidence is sexy to a beautiful woman for a few reasons.

  1. It makes a man more masculine. Confidence is a human trait, but it is a masculine trait, just like sensuality is a feminine trait. We all have both feminine and masculine traits; however, a man who doesn’t have a masculine trait, such as confidence, will not be as appealing to a feminine woman – with or without confidence.
  2. It is contagious. When you are confident, that confidence rubs off on people around you and makes them feel better about themselves. Every beautiful woman wants to feel better about herself.

Put It All Together

Positive thinking concept

When you think positively about yourself, you become more confident.

By changing your beliefs about beautiful women, you can gain more confidence.

It can be intimidating to approach a woman that you think gets approached by ‘perfect’ guys all day long. But once you understand that beautiful women are looking for the same thing all women are looking for (and that they don’t get approached as much as you think) you can gain more confidence in your chance at attracting a beautiful woman.

But beyond attracting women, be confident in yourself and your life. Make goals, go after those goals, and form positive beliefs about yourself as a man and a human being in the world. This will help you become truly confident around women.

More Tips To Get Beautiful Women

Get excited about yourself life. If you are not excited about your life, why would beautiful women be excited about your life? In short, drop the pessimistic and sarcastic attitude and adopt a positive, action-orientated attitude.

Add a little bit of mystery into your approach. Don’t volunteer everything about yourself right away. Women like a man who is a bit mysterious and doesn’t feel the need to spill everything right away.

And the biggest mistake that men make is to not approach a beautiful woman and asking her out. If you see a woman you like, approach her! Don’t let the chance slip by. You never know how she is going to respond, and today may be your day to land a date with a woman that will blow your mind. Go in with the attitude that there is a chance you will succeed.

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