How To Approach A Woman At Work

How To Approach A Woman At Work

There are always statistics floating around about how many people start a relationship at work. I’ve heard everything from 30% to 70%. It doesn’t really matter the percentage. Work is an easy way to meet a woman who has some of the same interests you do, and it offers a great way to see the woman you like every day.

And if you are interested in long-term romance, then this article says that couples who meet at work are more likely to get married.

How To Approach A Woman At Work

I met my husband at work, and I think the way he approached me was pretty typical of how you should do it without looking like a creep or desperate. So, that is the approach we are going to talk about here.

Other people may suggest something different – but remember, we met at work over 15 years ago and we are still together and happy. That has to count for something.

His First Approach At Work

He approached me on my break, which happened to coincide with his. He basically sat near me and started a conversation.

Did I find it weird? Kind of because we had never talked before. But at the same time, when we had to go back to work, I found myself thinking about him in a good way.

Our conversation was a little bit about work and a little bit about our personal lives. Nothing heavy.

Some important things to note where that:

  • He was polite
  • He asked questions about me
  • He shared some information about himself
  • He made me laugh

All of these things made the first conversation positive in my mind.

After that I was always wondering where he was, what he was doing, and whether he would come talk to me again.

Here’s the lesson: When you approach a woman at work and start a normal conversation, nothing seems overly weird or off about it, but you are working yourself into her awareness. Instead of her just being focused on work and the annoying co-workers she works with, she will also think about you – the guy that came up to her and talked to her like a normal human being. The guy that showed some interest in her.

After Your Initial Approach

Now she is thinking about you.

  • She is wondering if you are going to talk to her again
  • She is wondering what you think of her and why you approached her in the first place
  • She is curious about you

These are all good things. They will keep you in her mind as she goes through her workday and even as she goes about her life.

Don’t wait too long to approach her again. If you wait too long, she will think you were just keeping yourself occupied during that one break and it was meaningless. When she believes that, she could protect herself from getting hurt (because she likes you more than you like her) by taking you off the potential date list, and you may lose a chance to win a date with her if she really sees you as a threat to her emotions.

Your second conversation should be like the first. Talk about some work things, add in some personal things, and then end it politely.

After The Second Approach You Can Do What Feels Right

There is no right way to move forward after this. You have approached her, talked to her, and got her interest. There is no set time to ask her out after this point – it should be done when it feels right to you.

But, again, don’t take too long or she will put up her defenses. That’s the important thing to remember.

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  • It’s funny you posted this because I was sort of wondering about that question the other day. Thanks! I suppose one of the tricks is simply getting under her radar.

    • Yeah, when there are tons of guys walking around in an environment where relationships are not your first priority, getting in her mind helps a lot. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      • Max

        Wow, you’re really kind. Thank you for this. I’d just be happy if she thinks about me at all after the initial approach. I have had a hard time making small talk with anybody in this world. I just can’t do it. I’ll try though. Wish me luck. 🙂