How To Approach A Woman That Is With A Guy

A woman asked me a question the other day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it afterwards. After some thought, it was obvious what had happened – and I think she knew it too (especially because she asked if the guy was just extremely confident) – but it made me think that YOU should be aware of what this guy did, because I think this technique has absolute potential to pick up a woman that is with a guy – or at the very least get her attention and have a chance with her the next time you see her.

How To Approach A Woman With A Man

She was at a bar with her friend and they were each talking to a guy. A guy came up to her and started talking to her. She thought it was weird (and so did the guy who was with her), but he was engaging enough that she turned her focus towards him and had a small conversation while the guy she was with took a step back. After talking for a few minutes, he whispered in her ear that he thought the guy she was with was weird and that he thought he would give her an opportunity to get away from him if she wanted. She told him that she knew the ‘weird’ guy and was enjoying her night with him. Shortly after, the guy left her with her original guy – BUT she thought about him all night after that…and she is still thinking about him!

So what is the moral to this story? He is stuck in her mind – but not in a bad way.

  • She respected his confidence when he approached her.
  • His reason for approaching was very masculine (he wanted to protect her) and she found it charming.
  • She is curious to know more about this guy and why he REALLY approached her.
  • She remembers his face because he made such an impression on her.
  • She would be willing to talk to him again to find out what she wants to know.

In short, if he sees her again, he’s got a chance to make a really good impression with her! He did a really good job of approaching a woman with another guy and not failing miserably!

Woman Thinking About A Man

The Potential Is There That The Guy She Is With Will Freak Out, But…

She was standing with a guy, and if that guy was anything like my husband – he would have totally puffed out his chest and let the other guy know (without a doubt) that I was taken.

If that happens, you leave! No harm. At least you tried. The chances of him attacking you when she doesn’t feel threatened is small.

Don’t let the fear of being put in your place for a few seconds hold you back from trying.

It won’t emasculate you.

It won’t hurt your pride.

Unless you let it…

The truth is that if you can’t get to a woman you like anyway else (because she always has a guy around her), it is definitely worth a try.

Besides, too many times we don’t approach someone we like because of what we make up in our head. We assume that the guy is her boyfriend, but in reality the guy may just be her brother, or he may be her gay friend, or he may be a guy that is annoying the hell out of her and your approach will be a welcome gesture!

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