How To Approach ANY Woman For The First Time

The most important thing to remember when you approach a woman, is that you don’t know who you are approaching. Sure, you know that are approaching a woman that you think is attractive, and you may even like what she is doing, but you don’t know who she is, what her interests are, and what makes her a special woman that will ultimately, maybe, make you fall in love with her. Therefore, you need to approach her with an open-mind and not try to be someone you think she wants you to be.

Watch the following video to get an idea about what I mean.

Don’t Take Offence

The video does a really good job of showcasing the fact that a woman may still be into you if she seems to blow you off. This is why it is important not to take offence. Unless she outright tells you to ‘get lost’, you haven’t totally lost with the woman yet.

  • You don’t know what she is thinking in her head.
  • You don’t know what kind of day, month, or life she is having.
  • You don’t know why she seems happy, sad, mad, glad, or anything else!

If you like her, you don’t need to know. That will come after you get the first date. Your job is to help her see that you are someone that can make her feel good about herself.

That is the second most important things about approaching a woman: Making her feel good.

How To Make Her Feel Good

  • Make her laugh
  • Make her feel special
  • Make her feel important
  • Make her feel heard
  • Make her feel smart, funny, independent…

The point is that you should make her feel good in some way, and by listening to her cues as she talks and responds to your words or gestures, you can easily tell if you are doing so if you need to change up your game a bit.

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