7 Things Every Single Guy Looking For A Woman Should Know

Some Top Things That Single Men Need To Know

Sometimes I don’t know what to write on this blog and – to be honest, that’s because I’ve already written a ton of articles on this blog that cover some of the most popular topics for men looking for a woman.

So, I decided that today I would take your hand and point you in the direction of some of the articles on this blog that I think you may want to read if you are a single guy looking for a woman. In my opinion, these are things that all single guys should know.

1. How To Approach A Woman For The First Time

The way you approach a woman matters. I’ve been approached in some pretty horrible ways, stereotypical ways, and really great ways. The thing to remember is that every woman is different, and an approach that works for one woman may not work for another. That’s what the article How to approach a woman is really all about.

2. How NOT To Approach A Woman For The First Time

There is a lot of advice out there on how to approach a woman, and some of it is just plain shitty. That’s why I wrote – 5 Super Easy (And Often Ineffective) Ways To Approach A Woman. The article includes a few common things that guys do that result in an experience opposite of what they want.

3. How To Make A Great First Impression

This is so important. You CAN recover from a bad first impression, but it’s just easier to make a good one in the first place. When you make a good impression right from the beginning, you get to the number, date, kiss, and sex faster. So, if you want to improve your first impression game, read – 11 Tips To Make A Killer Impression.

4. How To Be More Confident Around Women

Confidence. You hear about how important it is over and over again, and that’s because it is pretty important. Sure, you can land a woman without confidence, but when you are confident your dating life and your relationship will go much more smoothly for both of you. Check out the article 8 HUGE Tips To Help You Be More Confident Around Women for some ways to start boosting your confidence right now.

5. How To Be More Successful With Women

Do you feel like you are stuck in the same place with women. Have the same game? Have the same disappointment? Have the same – well, whatever. If things are staying the same, that means one huge thing about yourself – you are staying the same. Listen to Jason Capital talk about the slight edge and why you need to use it.

6. How To Speak The Language Of Women

Forget about ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’; instead, learn the language of lust. I love this program – it’s intensive when you get into it. And, guys have been telling me great things about their success with it. You can read my Language of Lust review here. I wrote it when it first came out – but I have so much more to say about the program since actively using it with my husband, and I’ll be writing an updated post soon. 

7. How To Deal With Quick Rejection

Being rejected quickly sucks. Being rejected after being with a woman for a while sucks too, but being rejected quickly can hurt your ego in a way that can affect your future with women. It is important to deal with rejection the proper way to keep moving forward. Check out How to Deal With Early Rejection From A Woman for some new perspective on being rejected by a woman.

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  • Derek

    Getting a girlfriend is not that hard believe me I’m 22 years old and only this year I’ve managed to get a girlfriend and that’s only because about 2 months I’ve stumbled upon a program called the Language of Lust, that program helped me build the confidence to approach girls and it also taught me how you to talk to girls if you want to make them be interested in you.

    • Yeah, I actually wrote a review on that program on this blog, which I’m sure you saw because I mentioned it in this article and you read all the way through the article – right? 😉

      The Language of Lust goes well beyond talking to girls. The program is so intensive that every guy who buys it LOVES IT! It really is the number one program I recommend for guys – single and dating – to really understand how to talk to women.

  • And how to talk with them in situations like discussions is also important