5 Life Lessons By Alan Watts That Could Change Your View On Life

Alan Watts was a British philosopher who could make complicated things very clear in a matter of minutes. A lot of people have done little animations or videos of his talks on YouTube, and I highly recommend watching as many as you can when you start to ponder life’s deeper questions – or just want to be reminded that there is more to life than what most people believe there is. Following are 5 really great life lessons by Alan Watts that could change your view on life.

Things To Ponder By Alan Watts

1. Learn To Listen To Life’s Voice

When you feel miserable or stuck in life, watch this little video and listen to the words of Alan Watts. Holy crap did this one move me, and I’m hoping it can move you too if you feel like you’ve failed or like you are stuck in life. Now is the time to stop talking, stop complaining, stop whining, and start listening to life’s voice! If you can, you can start to live the life you want. You can start being who you want. You can start enjoying life. You can start contributing.

The video is really good, so you may need to play it a second time and not watch the video to really hear the words. But I do love the video. Every time I watch it, I get new insights.

In the video, I love that he hears the voice! I love how he shows his life that he is not predictable by moving slightly over on the bench. I love that he doesn’t add to the crap (his crap) that is on the ground and reflects on it instead of just adding to it without much thought past his anger, fear, or sadness. And things progress from there.

2. It’s Time To Wake Up

Can you honestly say that you are living in the present moment? Are you rushing to get to something, ruled by the future… ruled by the clock. I am a huge advocate for living in the moment and enjoying what is happening around you. I’m a huge advocate for opening your eyes and being fully present with your senses.

I know a lot of guys on this site are living for the moment when they get a girlfriend, and I always try to advocate taking your eyes off that moment and enjoying the process.

I love this animation, and you may find yourself tuning out the words, so if you like it, it’s worth playing it again with your eyes closed and just listening to it.

3. Is The End Result All That Matters?

Many people seem to be working towards something – the ultimate goal that will finally make their life worth living. But what about all that time in between? Should it be worth enjoying? Shouldn’t it be worth more than just a means to an end? Should we be teaching the younger generation a new way of approaching life and, perhaps, the older generation too?

This is another great little animation played against the words of Alan Watts. Someone in the comment section of this video simply said ‘depressing shit’. But I view it is a wake-up call with the message that it’s never too late to start enjoying the music.

4. Make Life Easier On Yourself

I love this. I’m sure many people would have different thoughts with this video. I’d be interested to hear them in the comments below. But here is how I see it. We can make things hard on ourselves, or we can embrace the rules of nature and use them to make life easier.

For instance, I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction, and I believe that people who don’t embrace that law are stuck and struggling like that little fluff in the video. They want to move with the law, but something is holding them back from doing so. If they were to embrace the law, they would understand how easy life can be when you just let the law of attraction bring you the life you want.

5. Don’t Bind Yourself: Learn How To Play

This one isn’t an animation. Someone had the brilliance to take a calming video and put in front of some powerful thoughts by Alan Watts.

For me, this lesson is about the fact that we need to play our role in life and live by the physical restraints we have in this life. I mean, you can’t walk through walls. You do need to make money to survive. You should follow the rules of society that keep you out of trouble.

But we should also embrace that there is much more than what just meets the eye. We should embrace the fact that life can be fun.

You can enjoy the little things in life. You can allow the spontaneity. You can stop trying to control life and start anticipating the fun things that are to come while still embracing what you need to do in life. You can play on demand. You can create a controlled accident.

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