3 Types Of Guys I Would Never Date

Guys I Would Never Date

I hate to say it, but there were not a lot of guys that I wouldn’t date when I was younger. I dated jerks, losers, and even the occasional good guy. I like to think of it as a time of learning and growth, and boy did I do a lot of that!

I think a lot of us go through that phase. We want to find a relationship that has meaning, and in the process we accept a lot of people into our life – good or bad – and when we continuously get bad people we ask ourselves over and over again, “Why do I keep attracting losers to me?” This is a part of growing up I suppose.

I wan’t to make it clear that I would date any guy. There were some guys I just wouldn’t date – no matter what. These are some personal stories, but I think a lot of women can relate to this, and I think men should know this.

1. I Would Never Date A Clueless Guy

The Guy Is Clueless - Not Dating Him

I once was set up on a blind date with a guy. The guy that showed up was not at all my type physically. He was scrawny and wearing a cowboy hat, and I just wasn’t into that. But, when we went out, I got to see that he was really a great guy. He meant well and he had a heart of gold. So, I considered dating him.

But, one day we were hanging out and he suddenly asked me, “So are you my girlfriend now?” It came out of nowhere, and it made the moment really awkward. I said, “No, we are just getting to know each other.” He became very sad after that. I guess he really thought that we were in an exclusive relationship.

After that day, I stopped answering his calls and didn’t get together with him anymore.

Now, I dated some guys who hadn’t had a lot of girlfriends. In fact, I dated one guy who had never dated anyone before, but he wasn’t weird or socially inept. But this cowboy was different.

It was like a 3-year-old who gives a girl a flower and now calls her his wife. We had hung out only about 3 times, so for him to assume that we were doing anything but getting to know each other was kind of silly and immature.

If you are like this, please meet some guys who are comfortable around other people and learn how they interact around people so that you can adopt and build those skills. It could make the difference between making a girl your girlfriend or losing her.

2. I Would Never Date a Disgusting Guy

Disgusting Guy - Never Date Him

I dated some guys who had habits I found gross, like spitting. And I dated some guys who were just plain messy. But a disgusting guy is a guy I never dated.

I’m talking about not showering, not combing your hair, not taking care of yourself and at least trying to make yourself presentable to the world.

I’m talking about picking your nose or ass in public. Not washing your hands. And having other really bad hygienic issues.

Any guy like this that may have caught my eye, lost it as soon as I noticed how disgusting he was.

There was one guy that caught my eye at work when I was in my early twenties. He seemed nice, had a lot of friends, and was cute. Unfortunately, he never wore deodorant, and the one time I got close enough to him to find that out was the last time I ever got close to him.

Just shower, put deodorant on, wear clean clothes, comb your hair, and be appropriate in public. Do that, and you won’t have this problem.

3. I Would Never Date A Downer

Have you ever seen Debbie downer on SNL? Yeah, she’s funny – but I would never date (or even be friends) with someone like that.

I remember this one guy that I was so interested in until he came to a fire that some of my friends were having. He was exactly like Debbie downer, but without the laughter.

He hung his head down, drank his beer, and sighed after each sentence. He talked the whole night about conspiracy theories and how much the world just sucked, and he literally sucked any interest I had in him out of me that night. After that, I didn’t even want to be around him.

You can’t go around being a negative guy and expect anyone to want to date you. Why would they? What good would that do them?


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