The 100 Qualities That Make a Man Attractive

100 Things That Make A Man Attractive

Have you ever asked yourself what women are really attracted to? Have you ever been curious about what qualities women are magically drawn to?

Even though the advertisement industry wants you to believe that all you need in order to attract the most amazing girls into your life is an expensive car and a Hugo Boss suit, most women don’t care about what care you drive and what brands you wear.

In case you don’t want to end up with a gold digger whose only goal is to take you to the cleaners, it doesn’t matter what material possessions you have. The aspects that women are really attracted to have nothing to do with your bank account.

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The truth is that women are instinctively drawn to men who have certain qualities. Thereby, I don’t mean whether or not you look like Ashton Kutcher. By talking about qualities, I mean your deepest convictions, beliefs and personality traits.

Do you think that you have the necessary qualities to cast a spell over every woman you want to attract into your life?

In case the answer is “no”, you should definitely have a look at the following 100 qualities and incorporate them in your life.

  1. Confidence

If there is one thing that women are drawn to the most, then it is a confident guy. Confidence is the number one requirement that you need in order to be able to approach and meet women.

  1. Decisiveness

One thing that women hate whenever they are dating a guy is when he doesn’t have the balls or the willingness to make decisions. If you want to be respected by women you have to make decisions for her and for you.

  1. Leadership

Despite the fact that feminists always claim that women are only fulfilled once they have a leadership position, women have the natural desire to be led by men.

  1. Self-Love

If you don’t love yourself you can’t love others and what’s even more important…others can’t love you.

  1. Positive Self-Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror? If you see an innocent guy, you don’t get the girls. Look closer until you see a great man.

  1. Emotional Strength

When her world collapses you have to be the one who embraces her and rescues her.

  1. Physical Strength

Even though emotional strength is more important, women also want to know if you can protect them.

  1. Vulnerability

Don’t pretend to be an indestructible god. Admitting your feelings allows her to do the same.

  1. Intelligence

No woman wants to date a guy who is dumb as bread, at least when they have the choice to decide.

  1. Playfulness

Nobody wants to date a serious robot. Thanks to the fact that I am German, I had to learn this the hard way.

  1. Sexual Confidence

In order to be attracted to you a woman has to know that you will escalate and that you will fuck her once the time comes.

  1. No Sexual Guilt

A woman can only enjoy sex with a man who can enjoy having sex with her without feeling guilty about it.

  1. Arrogance

Even though everybody says arrogance is terrible, a lot of women are attracted to this quality (even if they would never admit it).

  1. Being a Good Listener

By listening to her words you will get all the information that you need to seduce her and she will have the feeling that you really care.

  1. Being Adventurous

Who are women more attracted to: Indiana Jones or an accountant?

  1. Well-travelled

Traveling broadens your horizon and it forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Women know that and appreciate it.

  1. Social Attitude

A girl wants to date someone who is not too afraid to go on parties and events with her.

  1. Positivity

A woman is always the mirror of the man she is with. If you are happy, she is happy, which is exactly what she wants to be.

  1. Dominance

Dominance, especially in the bedroom, is one of the biggest aphrodisiacs for women.  Forget about gender equality during sex.

  1. Own Opinion

Having your own opinion is one thing. Communicating this opinion to a hot girl is the supreme discipline.

  1. Not Getting Defensive

What do you do if she creates some drama? In case you start to defend yourself and increase the drama you are doing it wrong.

  1. Able to Love

Are you able to love a woman? If you aren’t, she will feel it.

  1. Able to Receive Love

Are you able to receive love from a woman? If you aren’t, you will sabotage yourself right from the start because you are too afraid of falling in love.

  1. Honesty

Honesty can lead faster to sex than anything else.

  1. Authenticity

Honesty are the words, authenticity is your behaviour. Authenticity in every situation shows that you are at peace with yourself.

  1. Empathy

Women want men who want to take care of them when they suffer. Without empathy you wouldn’t do that.

  1. Fearlessness

No approach anxiety in combination with no commitment phobia are extremely attractive.

  1. Thinking before Acting

Don’t be too impulsive by saying something you will regret later.

  1. Respect

Even though women want to be your slut in the bedroom, they want to be treated with respect in all other areas.

  1. Responsibility for His Own Life

Are you responsible for your life or do you still live at your parent’s place with 30?

  1. Responsibility for Others

Are you willing to take over responsibility for her? Great, now she is sure that you are a real leader.

  1. Sensuality

As a sensual guy you look her into the eyes, kiss her and whisper “I love you” in her ear. That’s the shit that makes her juices flow.

  1. Hygiene

Unless you shower at least once a year you won’t have any luck with women.

  1. Style

A stylish outfit shows that you are a guy who she can introduce to her friends without having to be afraid that they start laughing.

  1. Trustworthiness

If she has the feeling that you will cheat on her after two days, she won’t go on a second date with you.

  1. Success

Success, not defined by society but by yourself, is extremely attractive.

  1. Uniqueness

Do you work in a boring job, watch 3 hours TV a day and live in the suburbs? You are very unique…

  1. Being Real

Stop pretending to be the coolest motherfucker on earth. Being real is by far not as ridiculous and way more efficient to seduce women.

  1. Being Emotional

You have emotions and especially if you are attracted to an amazing girl those emotions want out. Don’t suppress them.

  1. Sexual Experience

Women assume that you are better in bed if you had ten girls instead of zero. That’s a fact.

  1. Life Experience

A guy who has lived in three different countries is more attractive than a guy who has never left his hometown.

  1. Status

Social status is way more important than material status.

  1. Being Physically Fit

If you are 100 kilos overweight you should first make sure that you won’t get a heart attack during sex, before you think about approaching women.

  1. Passion

Women want a passionate guy in their life who takes them when he wants.

  1. Loving Women

Even though hating women seems to be very popular at the moment, it is the fastest way to end up watching porn until you die.

  1. Living Life

Do you live your life or do you waste it? All you have to do is to think about what you have experienced last year and you will get the answer.

  1. Need for Freedom

Women don’t want to be sure that they can keep you. That’s boring.

  1. Generosity

Helping a homeless guy is way more admirable than paying for her dinner.

  1. Independence

Unless you make yourself independent from the opinion of other people, you will have a hard time attracting amazing girls into your life.

  1. Challenging

Women love men who challenge them. Why? Sexual energy can only arise if there is friction.

  1. Loyalty

In case she is interested in becoming your girlfriend, she wants to know if you are loyal.

  1. Mysteriousness

It is not a bad thing if she doesn’t know everything about you.

  1. Masculine Energy

You are a man and you should behave like one.

  1. Playing with Female Energy

You should appreciate the polarity of male and female energy and spark her flame.

  1. Taking Life Easy

The ability to take life easy shows that you are confident and relaxed.

  1. Having Goals

If a woman asks you what you want to achieve next year and you answer “I don’t know” you have already lost.

  1. Having a Vision

Having goals is great but unless you have a vision, you don’t know why you are heading in this direction.

  1. Being Spontaneous

Pick her up, take her on a road trip and bang her in the car. This will make her fall for you.

  1. Being Picky

She wants to know why you choose her and she also wants to know that you have had other options.

  1. Being Snappy

Women test you with words and if you fail, they get dry as a desert.

  1. Well-Groomed Appearance

Just don’t look like Gandalf the Grey.

  1. Reliability

If you tell her that you will meet her at 5 pm at the bus station you have to be at the bus station at 5pm.

  1. Being Open-Minded

You shouldn’t be afraid of vibrators and handcuffs.

  1. Being Respected

A woman who sees that other people respect you will also respect you.

  1. Being Admired

It gets even better when other people look up to you. Again, you are the leader.

  1. Having a Big Social Circle

A guy who has zero friends can’t be very likable.

  1. Getting Asked for Advice

When other people asking you for advice it shows that you have a lot of knowledge and experience…and that you genuinely want to help.

  1. Being Direct

Tell her what you want and the chances are high that she will do it.

  1. The Desire for Personal Growth

A man who has given up on himself won’t get laid.

  1. Exciting Hobbies

You don’t have to do bungee jumping. As long as you are excited about your hobbies everything is okay.

  1. Loves Kids

Even if a woman just wants to bang you, she can’t completely shut down her mother instincts.

  1. Laid back

Whenever she is afraid of the future, you should tell her that everything will be alright.

  1. Down to Earth

Don’t think that you are god when you are just a doctor.

  1. Protective

A woman wants to have the feeling that you take care of her.

  1. Free from Jealousy

A man who isn’t jealous is a man who knows that being together with him is the best possible option for her.

  1. Hard-Working

A good work ethic shows that you are sincere about your future.

  1. Loves What He Does

What man would spend his time doing something he hates? Only a desperate and insecure man would do that.

  1. Interested in Her Personality

Besides staring at her ass you should also find out more about her personality.

  1. Interested in Her Life

Don’t fall asleep when she tells you about her last vacation.

  1. Romantic

Candles, a nice song and dimmed light are weapons of a real seducer.

  1. Treat Her Like a Woman

Women are not men, even if feminists want to change that.

  1. Being a Lover

Fully concentrate on her pleasure once you have undressed her.

  1. Being a Warrior

Don’t start a fight but be willing to defend her.

  1. Can Deal with Money

You don’t have to be rich. You just have to show that you are not irresponsible.

  1. Mature

There is a time for playfulness and there is a time for maturity.

  1. Politeness

Will you undress yourself and shit on the floor in case you would meet her parents? She has to know that.

  1. Sexual Aggressiveness

It is your job to make the first move, especially when it comes to sex.

  1. Good Kisser

No woman wants to be kissed by a bulldog.

  1. Not Afraid to Touch

You have to lead her through the seduction process. The only way to do that is by not being afraid to touch her.

  1. Giving Compliments

Women love compliments, especially when they are honest.

  1. Non-Judgmental

Don’t judge her for living out her sexuality and she will do what you want with you.

  1. Sincere about Values

Never forget about your values, just because you are horny.

  1. Good in Bed

The fastest way to make a woman fall in love with you is by giving her multiple orgasms.

  1. Not Living for Her

A man who lives for a woman is a domesticated pet.

  1. Assertiveness

Don’t back down just because your little princess is upset.

  1. Following his Path

As a man you have to follow your path, not matter what.

  1. Mentally Strong

Can she be sure that you are there for her when it gets tough or does she have to worry that you run away?

  1. The Will to Take Care of Her

Women are like children. Take care of them and they will start to thrive.

  1. Being a Seducer

No matter if you want her to be your fuckbuddy or your wife, you have to seduce her.

  1. Being Your Best Self

Be your best self and don’t settle until you have reached this stage of personal development.


My name is Sebastian and you can find out more about me here. My vision is to inspire, motivate and support men all over the world during their journey towards becoming global seducers. Once you got rid of your fears, learned how to seduce women and had sex with amazing girls all around the globe, I can confidently say that I have done a good job that I am extremely proud of.

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