10 Beliefs That Hold You Back From Dating Success

Your Beliefs Will Have A Big Impact On Your Dating Life

If you don’t think your beliefs, are important – think again! They are so important that the course of each day is being created by your current beliefs.

What you are experiencing right now – boredom, anger, happiness, or annoyance, has been produced because of your beliefs. They dictate what you do with your day and how you react to everything in it, including women. It is important to become aware of your beliefs for that reason.

Following are some common beliefs that will hold you back from dating success.

1. You Believe That You Are Not Good Enough To Date

Believing you are not good enough to get, impress, attract, or have success with women is painful to believe, but it is often easier to hold on to that belief than face a difficult situation and give it your best shot.

Believing that you are not good enough will do one of two things. It will either prevent you from approaching women or it will cause you to lack confidence on the approach or first date, which will turn off a woman. Either way, it will lead to dating failure.

2. You Believe That People Never Change

If you really believe that people never change, then why would you bother trying to do anything different?

The problem is that if what you are doing is not working, you MUST do something different! You can’t keep banging your head against the wall and hope to break through it. You need to find a way to kick through the wall, go over it, or jump around it if you want to find true success with yourself and with dating.

3. You Believe That No One Cares

This belief may come from the fact that no one has been there for you in your life.

  • Your parents may suck
  • You may not have supportive friends
  • You may have met bullies, assholes, bitches, and jerks your whole life

But, this belief is simply not true. There are people in the world who care, and they are probably around you right now.

When you focus on how evil and cold-hearted people can be, that is what you seek out and see. Even if someone tries to do something good for you, your focus will spot the one thing that makes them look selfish or unsupportive to back up your belief that no one cares.

4. You Think That You’re Weird

A lot of guys don’t talk to their buddies about dating and the preferences they have, so when their preferences don’t fit into a mold that they hear about often, they start to worry they are weird.

For example, I saw a question the other day on a forum, and a guy was asking if it was weird to get hard for Sandra Bullock. Of course that’s not weird! She’s a woman, she’s attractive, and she can turn you on. But this guy believed that he was weird for finding her attractive because of her age.

That’s just a small example.

You may have unique sexual preferences or unique preferences when it comes to what you find attractive. The truth is that we are all just different and prefer different things.

The belief that you are weird is going to hold you back from dating success because you will think there is something wrong with you, and when you think there’s something wrong, women will think there’s something wrong too.

5. You Believe in Stereotypes

Stereotypes are beliefs that don’t accurately reflect reality.

A common stereotype is that a conventionally unattractive woman is not worth your time.

Another is the stereotype that blondes are only good for sex.

These beliefs are going to impede your chances with women that you may actually be perfect with. They will also cause you to ruin your chances with women that you are getting along with.

The bottom line is that stereotypes cause you to behave in a certain way towards certain people, and when that happens, you limit who you can date and how happy you can be dating them.

6. You Believe That You Repel Women

According to the comments I get on this site, and the comments I’ve seen in forums, a lot of guys believe that they really repel women. They feel like every crush, every date, and every relationship is ruined because they have some sort of trait that turns off women eventually.

When you believe that you repel women, you WILL repel them. You will find something in your behavior to make them upset, scare them away, and make yourself single time after time after time.

You are telling yourself that you are repulsive in some way! How could you expect to have any success in dating when you talk to yourself like that?

7. You Believe It’s All About Your Looks

Sexy abs, muscular arms, the perfect face, the perfect haircut, and other physical traits do not determine whether or not a man will be successful with women. You are a human being, and you are not just your looks.

Many women will overlook looks if a man has other qualities that she wants. Kindness, compassion, a sense a humor, being well groomed and looking after yourself are much more important than having the perfect body. Looks are irrelevant when compared to personality and accomplishments.

8. You Believe That Love Is A Sham

As said, your beliefs will dictate what you see. If you believe that love is a sham, you will see a lack of love everywhere you look. But, if you believe that love is a real, constant, and common thing, you will see love everywhere you look.

This is why two people see and experience the same situation in a completely different way. What you believe affects what you are willing to see.

9. You Believe It Always Works Out The Same

The best way to get yourself into a trap of the same thing day after day is to believe that everything always works out the same.

  • New experiences will get you the same results
  • New women will give you the same reactions
  • Your dates will work out the same
  • You will feel the same about yourself
  • You will stay single just like you were yesterday

When you believe that things always work out the same, you will look for (and find) what you are used to. But if you believe that things can change and work out differently, then you will open up your awareness to new experiences.

10. You Believe That Being Close-Minded Will Protect You

A lot of people limit what they will accept into their consciousness because they feel that they are protected in some way by closing themselves up. But closing yourself off will keep new experiences out.

When you open up your awareness to new possibilities and new experiences, that is when you will start to experience new things and see changes in your life. In fact, when you expand your awareness, that is when all the limiting beliefs above start to get disproven and diminish.

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