Should you lose weight to attract women?

Should You Lose Weight To Attract Healthy Women?

  Are you overweight? Do you think that if you were to lose weight, your chances of finding an attractive woman would increase? If you answered yes, then you are ...

Sabotoging Your Success With Women

6 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Success With Women

Recently, I’ve had some guys contacting me about their lack of success with women. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand that what they are doing in their own life is sabotaging their success with women, and in order to increase their chances of getting a woman, they need to stop doing those things! The biggest problem […]

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Learn More About Women From Twitter

How Twitter Can Teach You All About Women

Do you use Twitter? I used to think it was a little bit useless, considering there were so many messages going through at once. That was before I learned a few tricks about using Twitter, and I now know that Twitter can help teach you about a lot of things, including women! Why Use Twitter […]

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Positive Singles: Dating Website For People Living With STDs

Positive Singles: Dating Website For People Living With STDs

Are you living with an STD? Is it hard to meet women that want to stay with you once they find out? Or, are you not telling women at all? If you are living with an STD, there are popular dating websites that cater to you and your needs. You can openly disclose which STD you […]

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Relationship Advice For New Couples: This Is Some Advice You Need To Remember!

In a new relationship? There is some relationship advice that will help you start the relationship offer right and last a long time into the future. The following does not cover all of it, but it is a pretty great place to start! Have Some Direction In Life Want to make your relationship last? Then […]

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Personal habits that affect your relationship

Personal Habits That Will Affect Your Relationship

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” — Stephen R. Covey There are many relationships habits that will help your relationship get stronger, but there are some personal habits that you should work on too. These habits will make you a happier person, which will influence […]

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How to avoid an awkward date with a woman.

How To Avoid An Akward Date

What do I mean by awkward date? I mean making a woman feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, where she can’t relax and just get to know you because she is so busy feeling weird around you. In short, don’t make things weird! Avoiding The Awkward Date I was watching The Singles Project the other day, which […]

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New relationship advice

New Relationship Advice You Will Want To Follow

In a new relationship? Looking for relationship advice? Great! You’ve come to the right place. Keeping reading. Don’t Pressure Sex “If every time you engage in a sex act, you go into a confession box, you will never accept your own sexuality.” – George Weinberg In a new relationship, you may want to have sex […]

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Top Tips To Stop Worrying About The First Date

Top Tips To Stop Worrying About Your First Date

Do you tend to over-think your first date? So much so that you start to worry about it and feel anxious about it? In other words, does picking up the phone and cancelling your date seem easier than actually going? The first date can be stressful, if you let it be. But following are some of […]

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What does a woman want in bed?

What Women Like In Bed: And How Long They Really Want You To Last

The following list of things that women like in bed will apply to most women regardless of their extra fantasies or desires (I’ll talk about that in another article!) Most women like more than just the physical connection in bed and require some emotional connection as well to get them going. The emotional connection comes from […]

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