Wayne Dyer Quote

10 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Become A Better Man

Want to be a better man? Then change the way you think, act, and behave. That’s really the bottom line. The following quotes can help you do that. 1. An Even Temper Can Get You Far In Life A man who is able to keep a cool head in any situation is much more valuable […]

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First Date Mistakes Article Roundup

5 Articles On First Date Mistakes That You Will Want To Read

If you are getting ready to go on a first date, it is important to arm yourself with enough information to avoid making it a flop. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to knowing what works and doesn’t work on a first date. There are a lot of articles that say the same thing […]

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Visualize What You Want Quote

Can You Use Visualization To Help You Get Women?

I’m currently reading Visualization For Weight Loss by Jon Gabriel. While the book is focused on weight loss through visualization, it is also really focused on visualization itself, and it got me thinking – the concepts in this book can be applied to get anything you want, including getting women. So, how does visualization really help […]

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Make Serious Nachos

Top 15 Things Every Single Guy Needs

If you are a single guy, then there are a few things you need. Okay, well you don’t need all of them, but they might just benefit your life – which could make them an important part of your life. This is an eclectic list with some adult things happening here and there. Click off now if you are offended easily. […]

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The Journey To Love

Are You Taking The Happiest Route To Love?

Are you looking for love? If you are, I want you to think about something. How do you picture your route to love? Do you picture taking the quickest possible route – even if it is full of pain, worry, self-hatred, and other negative emotions? Even if it leaves you feeling unfilled? Or, do you picture taking the happiest possible […]

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Date for the right reasons

5 Important Love Quotes For Men To Pay Attention To

There is a reason love quotes are so popular. They are little bundles of truth that can give you insight, change your perspective, and ultimately help you be happier. Following are 5 love quotes that can help you do all three of those things. 1. Ignoring People In Your Life? I realize the above love quote […]

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Best Feature On A Man...Hair? Not According To These 5 Women On Twitter!

Best Feature On A Man: According To The Only 5 Tweets On Twitter

Do you know how many people have used the hashtag #bestfeatureonaman on Twitter. Only 5 women! That’s it. That’s all. So, this quickly turned into a top 5 list! If you are interested, here are the tweets, from oldest to newest. Top 5 (And Currently Only) Tweets Using #bestfeatureonaman 1. The Eyes Have It! Personally, I think the […]

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Hannah Fry Quote

How To Make The Most Of Love – Mathematically Proven

Who really gets the most responses on online dating sites? Are there millions of women out there waiting for? How can you avoid a divorce? Well, if you do the mathematics of love, you may be surprised – and it make help you make the most of love. Hannah Fry is a very interesting woman […]

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defy looks

Top 5 Times A Guy Defied His Looks

So many people are run by their looks. If they look weak, they must act weak. If they look nerdy, they must be bad with the women. If they are big with tattoos, they must be a dumb, drunk jerk. The problem is that it is all a bunch of crap. So many of us […]

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