How To Stay Positive While Looking For Love

One Trick To Stay Positive As You Search For ‘The One’

I know how it feels. It is hard to stay positive when you find woman after woman who is not the right fit. Or, possibly not find any woman at all. ...

Friends With Benefits: A Healthy Situation?

Why Being Friends With Benefits Could Be Healthy For You

Not every guy is meant to be in a serious, committed relationship right now. And not every woman is meant to be in a serious, committed relationship right now either. But that doesn’t mean that sexual desires and needs are not there, and that is where friends with benefits comes in. Do NOT Do The Following […]

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Sometimes It Is Better To Zip Your Lip During Road Rage

Some Road Rage Lessons That Can Be Applied To Your Relationship For More Happiness

I was driving the other day and I had a fit of road rage. It happens. But, as I was talking myself through it, I realized that the things I was saying to myself to calm down would be good advice for all you guys out there who are in a relationship, or all you […]

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It is time to commit to your happiness and be happy.

Get Committed To Your Happiness

Commitment: something pledged; an agreement to pledge to do something in the future (the future can be one minute away from now!) Commitment is the underlying cause of success in regards to – well, everything! If you want to lose weight, then you have to commit to making better choices in regards to exercise, diet, […]

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Looking For A Biker To Travel With?

BikerKiss Dating Website: For Biker Love Or Friendship

Bikers stand out among the crowd. They have their own lingo, appreciate the outdoors, dress cool, have a great amount of integrity, and most of all appreciate their bikes and the bikes of other bikers. If you are a biker looking for someone to share the road with, then BikerKiss is the perfect biker dating site […]

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Sabotoging Your Success With Women

6 Ways To Completely Sabotage Your Success With Women

Why can’t I get a girlfriend?! Does that sound like you? Recently, I’ve had some guys contacting me about their lack of success with women. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand that what they are doing in their own life is sabotaging their success with women, and in order to increase their chances of getting a […]

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Learn More About Women From Twitter

How Twitter Can Teach You All About Women

Do you use Twitter? I used to think it was a little bit useless, considering there were so many messages going through at once. That was before I learned a few tricks about using Twitter, and I now know that Twitter can help teach you about a lot of things, including women! Why Use Twitter […]

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Positive Singles: Dating Website For People Living With STDs

Positive Singles: Dating Website For People Living With STDs

Are you living with an STD? Is it hard to meet women that want to stay with you once they find out? Or, are you not telling women at all? If you are living with an STD, there are popular dating websites that cater to you and your needs. You can openly disclose which STD you […]

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Relationship Advice For New Couples: This Is Some Advice You Need To Remember!

In a new relationship? There is some relationship advice that will help you start the relationship offer right and last a long time into the future. The following does not cover all of it, but it is a pretty great place to start! Have Some Direction In Life Want to make your relationship last? Then […]

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Personal habits that affect your relationship

Personal Habits That Will Affect Your Relationship

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.” — Stephen R. Covey There are many relationships habits that will help your relationship get stronger, but there are some personal habits that you should work on too. These habits will make you a happier person, which will influence […]

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